Sunday, February 20, 2011

☺ Inspirational; Ease Up!☺

Ease up, dude! Why so serious? Why the frown? Why that sulky face and off mood? 
I have noticed a lot lately (and even more so from having been in the big city again for two weeks) that people are far too up-tight and serious. People get wound up over anything. They somehow turn nothing into a big deal and then get into a fussy, foul, and just plain mopey mood. Does it really matter? Is it worth getting upset over? 
Of course it's not! I've said it before; we cannot control or predict everything that happens to us. 
Lesson for the day...
Life Happens. Quit being so wound up all the time. Ease up and go with the flow. 
It is so beneficial and easier to enjoy life when you can learn to enjoy the road, even if it does get a little bumpy at times. Stressing out over nothing does not help. Dwelling on small matters serves no purpose. Carrying a frown on your face all day is not the way you should be living life and is certainly no means of enjoying life. 
There will always be bumps on the road. There will always be unfavorable circumstances. So get into the habit of embracing those unpredictable moments and the sudden twists and turns that life throws your way. Things not go how you planned? Let go of those expectations and just go with it. Keep smiling and stop being so fussy. Learn to see the Positive, to enjoy every moment, and to explore the full potential of every situation. Turn that frown upside down. Stop being so dramatic. Obsessing over that one little thing and dwelling on it won't improve your situation--but your Attitude can! When life throws a whirlwind your way, you have a choice... 
...get frustrated, stomp your feet, dwell and pout about it, and let it ruin your day. Or...
...brush it off and realize that it's not so important. That worrying about it won't change things. And instead just go with it and smile and laugh instead.
I don't know about you, but option number two sounds much more appealing and makes much more sense. 
Seriously, stop taking life so seriously. ~_^ 
Whatever you're frowning over, it isn't important. Do you know what IS important? Enjoying Life! And enjoying the people around you. There is no point in getting all worked up and in a bad mood over nothing. And those around you will certainly not enjoy the company of a grump. Drop the drama-queen attitude. No more sulking. No more negativity. Life is Beautiful, choose to embrace it and see the bright side
We all need to get over this whole attitude complex; this complex of turning insignificant trivial every-day occurences into something to get worked up and pouty over. Your plans fell through; you missed your bus; someone was late; you are late; you have to do something you're not all that enthused about; all these little things are not worth getting stressed about. Just ease up. To be blunt; stop being such a baby. Stop the attitude complex. Stop with the drama. 
Enjoy the flow of life, this fun roller-coaster we're all on. Be generous. Be kind. Be understanding. Ease up and stop taking things so seriously. 

Peace & Love

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