Thursday, February 10, 2011

☺ Inspirational: Taking Responsibilty of your Life ☺

Your situation, environment, or circumstances are Not the reason for your unHappiness.

I want that thought to really settle in for you. Most people's immediate reaction is to oppose this and to defend against it. But stop, and consider this before you allow that immediate reaction and resentment to settle in...

We are each born in different circumstances, have different situations to face, and different people to have an influence in each of our lives. People far too often place the blame for the way their life is on all of these things and on anything and everything they can think of. In reality, You are responsible for your Life; for its victories and its defeats. It is a great responsibility, one that sounds intimidating and even disbelieving for some. But imagine the power that is in your hands, such power to do great things; for Yourself, for others, for your Life, if you choose to accept and take on that Responsibility.

If you accept your decisions, take the responsibility over your actions, your "mistakes" or faults, then it also gives you the power to change your life and direct it. If you are responsible for your actions then you are also responsible for making it better instead of worse. If you do not accept responsibility then you are not taking charge of your life, playing the "poor me" card and maintaining a negative attitude that will not help you. You are not accepting that you can do anything to change your situation. No one goes through life without falling down, making "mistakes", going through ordeals, experiencing unfavourable circumstances, and just plain having "lows." But it is how we decide to react, accept, and take charge of those things that will shape our lives into a beautiful learning experience full of positivity. We possess the power within us to overcome such challenges. We each possess the courage and moral strength to do so.

"Courage is not the absence of fear, but the strength to overcome it."

Stop blaming the world and circumstances outside yourself for your "failures."

Take that Responsibility and you give yourself the Power for Positive Change.

Look inwards, look at your Attitude, and then look at your life. Chances are your attitude directly reflects your life; ie, if you have a miserable attitude your life is also miserable. It is not the other way around; ie if your life is miserable then your attitude is miserable. Your Attitude Does directly affect your life. Your Attitude will decide whether it is fun or not, therefore You can decide whether your Life is miserable or immensely Happy.

Too often, people prefer to reject this concept and to simply pass the blame. We don't want to take responsibility over our lives and our attitudes, to admit we have control. Why? Because it seems easier not to. And because there is also this silly notion in society that we can't show weakness or "failure" or fault. It is so much easier to simply pass the blame and wipe your hands of it. But it is these such incidents that linger, subconsciously or consciously, and manifest into a continuing road to ruin. As already said, everyone makes "mistakes" in life. Everyone falls down and has to climb back up. But it is your choice whether you are going to climb back up and become a stronger person because of it, or if you are going to allow it to hold you down and keep you from enjoying life.

Accepting that You are responsible for your failures means you are also responsible for your Victories, which is a positive light. And no one achieves victory without first experiencing some failures, some trial and error, and some growth. Embrace every aspect of your life and take charge; of its experiences; of its decisions; stand by the choices that you make. There are no "mistakes" in our journeys, only experiences to learn and grow from. Reject and Regret nothing.

You are the Master of your own life.

Taking Responsibility of your life opens the door to a great many wondrous things. It allows you to grow and learn faster instead of feeling low about life and dwelling on those Negativities. Let it go. You have control. You can choose.

It's not a Blame game. It's not about being Negative. It's about giving yourself that allowance to grow.

Take Responsibility and the Potential in yourself and in your life becomes infinite.

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