Sunday, February 27, 2011

☺ Inspirational; Under Stress; Stay Calm, Stay Positive!☺

Every day trials are one thing when it comes to maintaining a Positive Mental Attitude, but it is when those un-ignorable ordeals of mass-proportion come along that really become a test of our attitudes. These are, unfortunately, the times we usually let our worlds completely crumble at our feet. We forget all about staying positive and upbeat, and all about the lessons we have worked so long and hard on. Being self-aware and catching yourself in these moments is important, for if we are aware then we can take charge and work extra hard on all those lessons that we know. Even more, we are given the opportunity to test ourselves and prove our strength. Remember; there is always a lesson in any trial and there is also always an opportunity for growth. Stay calm and keep focussed. 
If you need a little breakdown, let it out, but don't stay mopey and, whatever you do, don't play the "poor me" card--this will only enforce pessimism and negativity. Scream, attack a punching bag, cry, let yourself have a breakdown, get it out of your system, and move forwards (just never take it out on another person, verbally or physically). Part of being courageous and strong is accepting what you need to do to stay sane. That breakdown is not a sign of weakness, it is accepting that you need to let out some emotions so that you can move forwards. Don't bottle it up! Breakdown and then brush it off, and stand back tall, strong, and confident. After you give yourself that little emotional moment, get right back to staying Positive and Optimistic. 
It is also important to stay in the moment; in the Here & Now. We tend to let our imaginations run wild in moments of deep stress, creating worst-case scenarios and getting all worried over things that have not yet happened and may never happen. The future is uncertain. Keep that in mind and that there is no point or benefit in stressing. Take things as they come, one moment at a time so not to let your Mind run wild. We also have a habit of dwelling on things that we have no control over. This is just one more thing that will give you, or those around you, no benefit at all. Let it go and instead focus on what you can do and control. Your Attitude is a good place to start. 
Everything happens for a reason. There is a lesson and positive light in any situation. Have faith in these principles; they will help your journey ahead no matter how bumpy. 
Lastly, remember that Love is the answer to everything. Keep love in your heart at all times. Remember that Everyone is going through something; everyone has their own trials. If you can see that and carry Love then you can rise up and be the bigger person. 
So, keep a steady-head, stay grounded and collected, carry love in your heart at all times, be receptive (to both yourself, emotions, and those around you), go with the flow, don't stress out, stay in the moment, and always always stay Optimistic, Positive, and Open. 

Stay Calm and Stay Positive. 
Love wins all. 

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  1. Brilliant piece of advice as always, Bianca!

  2. I love this advice Bianca! :) I used to get so stressed it made me sick. It's almost like your a secret healer to my health :) <3

  3. heehee aww yayy! ;)
    I'm glad that I can help, I really am. All I can do is share what has worked for me because I've had a lot of experience in dealing with stress haha ;p


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