Thursday, May 5, 2011

☺ Inspirational; Being Self-Intuitive☺

I want to take a moment here to say thank you to the little voices inside of us that tell us how to treat our bodies, lean us in the right direction, and give us messages. Now I am going to say, Listen to those little voices. 

There's the "natural" way of doing things in life, where we are in-tune with our bodies, our mentalities, our hearts, and our selves, and then there's the way that we do things in today's day and age. We hush the voices, even when they are clear obvious signs almost screaming at us to pay attention. We make excuses for the problems, tell ourselves that the "voice" trying to guide us along our way is all just "hocus-pocus." Of course, I don't literally mean that there is a voice in our heads telling us directly and straight-forward what to do or what not to do, but there are signs, whether they are subtle nagging in the back of your mind, instinctual feelings, or our bodies reacting unfavorably. Our bodies try to give us messages in so many ways but we simply don't listen. In fact, we usually try to silence them. If we have a headache, we take some tylenol to make it go away. If we have an upset stomach we reach for some pepto-bismol, nauseous and we grab the gravol. Our bodies are trying to tell us that something is wrong. Our bodies don't do these things because they are trying to be a nuisance, they are waving a flag telling us that something is wrong, listen up, and deal with the problem. But we live busy lives and we don't want our bodies to be an inconvenience. So hush up, grab some pills, and go on with our day. It does end up coming back around to kick us in the butt, sooner or later--especially if we are band-aiding the problem with pills. 

There are so many other things that our bodies try to tell us, not just bodily problems and health problems. I am a strong believer that everything in life happens for a reason, and sometimes our minds know when something is wrong. People have experienced this little voice in their heads in so many ways. Everyone has at some point or another, but we don't usually listen--again, that's just hocus-pocus crazy talk right? We are smarter and more instinctive than we give ourselves credit for, but we have become so disconnected from the natural way of things that we are no longer very receptive to anything natural at all. We are far too busy with our every day lives, our jobs, what to eat, what to wear, spending our money, and exhausting ourselves making that money. When we do finally have a moment to breathe, we slouch down in front of the television and numb our brains with mindless programming and continue to ignore our "voices." 
Now, don't get me wrong, I am not saying that television or such entertainments are necessarily a bad thing. I have favorite TV shows that I watch, movies that I enjoy to relax in the evening just like most people, but we have made it so much of an excess. And not only that but when our only free time is spent doing such activities (or lack of activity rather) then it is time to reorganize and prioritize your life. 
Health is important. Life is important. Having fun is important. Spend less so you can work less. And find time to get back in touch with your self and your body. Pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you, listen to it once you can get away from all the other distractions of your day. Basically, Take Time to pay attention. 

Sometimes the answers are obvious but we just don't want to acknowledge them. For instance, when our bodies are suffering from stomach upsets, it can usually be directly linked to your diet. Over fifty percent of the population is allergic to wheat and dairy, along with any number of other things. Eating junk food all day certainly won't help your body either. It's like stuffing chocolate down your dog's throat and expecting them to be okay. They won't be. And it may take longer sometimes for us, but eventually those food intolerances and eating "non-food" will catch up. 

Like most everything in our society today, we have made our bodies and our instincts our enemies. Those signs are nuisances and they are "wrong" and "bad" and we shouldn't have to put up with them. Therefor the "band-aid" remedy just seems to make sense to us. We try so hard to work Against our own bodies that it is no wonder so many people are unhealthy, miserable, and lost. If we stopped and worked With everything around us things would actually be much easier, simpler, healthier, and happier. 
There is a "Natural Way" of the world, of living and being. We have just wandered so far from the natural way of things that it has become a foreign concept and an abnormality to us. Today, "normal" is running to the doctor's office,  taking pills for any little problem, eating junk and nutritionally-void food, running around chasing money, spending money we don't have, and keeping ourselves busy busy busy and distracted. I'm sorry, but I don't feel obliged to be a part of such an odd way of living life. What is "normal" to most other people has long since been "normal" to me. I rather enjoy living my "un-normal" life and being in tune with the "natural way of things."

My point is to pay attention and to actually listen to your body and your mind. Don't put a band-aid over a problem. It won't go away just because you do so, it'll just make it build and that much worse when you do finally face the truth and the reality of the ordeal. If we act and pay attention at the first signs of distress then it is much easier to simply heal yourself and go on with your day. If we listen to our intuitive self then the answers to our questions and paths become clearer. If we work With our bodies instead of working Against our bodies then life becomes much more manageable, easier, and enjoyable.  

Peace & Love

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