Monday, May 30, 2011

☺ Inspirational: Tutorial: How to Have a Kick-Ass Day!☺

Once, again something a little different for today's Motivational Monday post. A fun tutorial on How to Have a Kick-Ass Day...

1. Wake up with a smile and a great big Strrrrretch! Throw a few fist-pumps in the air and announce to yourself that you are going to have an Awesome Kick-Ass Day! 

2. Exercise! Whether it's a hardcore workout at the gym, dancing in your underwear at home, or a speed-walk to work because you're running late for work (again!). 

3. Keep a ridiculous Smile on your face allllll day long!

4. Say Hello to Everyone!

5. Eat awesome Healthy Food!... cuz if you eat crappy food you will feel like crap too. 

6. When people or things piss you off, brush them off, and continue on with your day. Continue being Awesome!

7. Surround yourself with awesome People!

8. Take  a Dance Break!

9. Go Outside! Enjoy some fresh air and pretty nature!

10. Stay Positive and optimistic, and keep that PMA allllll day long!

11. Fake it til you make it! If you're not quite there yet just keep at it ;). 

12. Take over the world with all that Awesomeness!

13. Above all else, stay strong and stay positive no matter what!

Now go and have an Awesome Kick-Ass Day! :) 
Peace and Love!

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  1. This was the perfect pick up I needed :) I came back to it because I was having a bit of a down day and wanted to make sure to try my hardest to change it around and watching your video blog on this gave me just what I needed <3 feeling much more positive now ready to kick this days but with some PMA :)


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