Monday, May 2, 2011

☺ Inspirational: Motivation Mondays!☺

The beginning of the week yay yayy yayyy!!! Get pumped! Get super ridiculously excited!!! Go go a new wonderful fantastic week!!! :D 

☺ Bust out a dance move...  In the middle of the grocery store, sidewalk, store, anywhere. Just do it! And don't care what others think! We need to feel comfortable with ourselves no matter what we do and feel awesome while doing so! Practice doing things for yourself without caring what others think!   
 Exercise your Rights! There are not enough young people standing up for our world! Get active, get political! Change the world! Canadians, I want to see you all VOTING today!!! Come on! Let's get Harper out of government!!! Go Social Government and let's end the Conservative reign! 
 Play and Have Fun! Be a child again! Have some fun! Play in the sun, in the rain, in the grassy fields! Jump in puddles of water! Get dirty and play in the mud! Focus on playing this week! 
☺ Focus Focus Focus... On your goals and intentions and wants and needs! Make it a habit to stay centered on what you want in life! Remind yourself every day to be happy and stay focussed and awesome and smile! 
☺ Explore! Go somewhere you've never been before, whether it's a local coffee shop or some distant place miles away, go somewhere totally new! Go on and explore the world around you! 
☺ Get over silly fears... and stop letting pre-conceived notions make you automatically react. Yesterday the hubby and I were digging up the weeds and turning the soil of a garden bed. There were these big yellow-white slugs that totally creeped me out but Cory would pick them up with his bare fingers and remove them like they were nothing. I've realized this before, but we have these conditioned beliefs about certain things--like that spiders, mice, and bugs are gross and yucky. I'm over spiders and mice. Apparently I need to get over slugs. What do you need to get over?  
☺ Try Juicing a couple times this week... Even if you don't have a juicer, lots of places these days have juice bars (like Booster Juice) so go ahead and try it out! See if you notice a difference in your energy levels! I bet that you will! :)  
☺ Be Present and Mindful...  Practice being in the moment, every second of the day. Pay attention. Be mindful. Be Here & Now.  

And have a fabulous week! Explore and enjoy it! Smile, Laugh, Love, and be Happy! 

Peace & Love,

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  1. Always an inspiration, Bianca!
    Btw, I just got the "LOVE" tee today and it is wonderful, thank you so very much!!

  2. oh yayy!!! I'm glad you like it :) pictures? :)


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