Monday, May 23, 2011

☺ Inspirational: Be a Yes Person!☺

This week's "Motivational Monday" post is something a little different, but it is the best piece of motivation. 
So many opportunities and experiences pass us by because we say "No". Saying "No" is a means of sheltering ourselves from the world. But this kind of living is not really living at all. We get trapped by habits, the comforts of the walls of our home, the "security" of a dead-end job. We stop venturing, exploring, and experiencing life altogether. Stop saying No! Stop hiding from the world. Stop sleeping through life.
Start Living! Start saying "Yes!"
"Yes" can lead to so many wondrous undiscovered joys in life. "Yes" connects you to the world, allowing you to meet new people and have new experiences. There are limitless experiences right under our noses that we let lie undiscovered by our sleeping lives. By saying "Yes" doors open, life opens up and leads you on a deeper journey. Most importantly, "Yes" brings fun, joy, and happiness. "Yes" is waking up and finally living. "Yes" is being the fullest extent of your Self. It is discovering the world. It is stepping out of your comfort zone, stepping out of habits, out of the "norm," to discover something new, fun, wondrous, crazy, and fantastic.
Stop making excuses for yourself. Whether it's laziness, shyness, being too reserved, over-thinking, over-analyzing, questioning, talking yourself out of things; Stop! 
We tend to be very reserved from stepping out of our Comfort Zones, leading us to say "no" to invitations and new experiences. Who wants to feel uncomfortable? Or disappointed? Or any emotion provoked by fear? Let fear, expectations, and the unknown go. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Remember, it's all about your attitude! Get excited, thrilled, and jump at new opportunities and invitations. 

Don't be satisfied with just being content or okay. Don't be satisfied with just going through the motions of the every day week. Don't settle for anything less than amazing. Get a little crazy, get adventurous and spontaneous. Life is waiting right here for you to fully experience, explore, and enjoy it. 
I invite you to say "Yes;" to living, to life, to awakening. Take this week to say Yes to absolutely everything. You want to actually enjoy your life? Stop taking it so seriously, stop over-analyzing every little situation, stop talking yourself down. Make "Yes" your automatic and immediate response. Go on, step out of your Comfort Zone! No more making sad excuses for yourself! And then kicking yourself for missing out on something, or feeling sorry for yourself because your life isn't exciting. You have to make it exciting! You have to be willing to get out there. You're missing out on life while you sit there refusing to climb out of that boring little bubble. 
Say Yes! Say it right now. Say it all week. Say it for life. 
Throw "no" and "maybe" our of your vocabulary. When asked or invited to something let the word "Yes" flash automatically into your head. And allow "Yes" to be met with confidence and enthusiasm. Get pumped! Get stoked! Get excited! 
Life is waiting for you to live it. No more being alive without living. Go for it! Say Yes! Become a Yes Person! The only thing you've got to lose is that mundane way of living that should be left behind. Be open, be welcoming, and seek out new adventures and experiences! 
It's not just about saying "Yes" to everything, it's about experiencing life to the fullest, and about getting pumped and excited about the day! It's about Living! 
Lastly I will say, watch the movie "Yes Man" for an extra motivational kick. It rocks and it is exactly what I am talking about right here. ;) 

Peace & Love,

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