Friday, May 13, 2011

☺ Inspirational; Positive Affirmations☺

You can achieve anything that you desire in life. That is, if you believe you can and if you consciously work towards it. But, really, anything is possible if you try. 
I speak a lot about having a Positive Mental Attitude, because it is so greatly helpful in achieving and maintaining Happiness in life. So how does one gain a Positive Attitude? Or anything for that matter? Make no mistake, anyone can achieve PMA, or anything you want in life. Give your brain some credit and never underestimate it. People have cured themselves of cancer through having the right attitude (and healthy lifestyle and diet changes) but the power of the mind is astounding. So, how does one accomplish their desires? The method is through Positive Affirmations.

Say very clearly to yourself What You Want

This can be anything from being happy and positive, to achieving some great future goal--or even getting a parking spot. 
Regularly repeating these desires as precise, condensed statements will make you believe them and therefor manifest them into reality. These Affirmations act like Self-Motivators, prompting and compelling you towards the object of your desire. Through this repetition you create and build thought habits that are favorable to your desire. Now, because what you are doing is reprogramming your brain and thought patterns, the regular repetition is important and vital for success. Announce your Affirmations daily. Make it a habit, some part of your daily routine. And do so with emotion and strong feeling and concentration on your Affirmations. You must Believe and see yourself already in possession of it. Doing all of this embeds this desire into your subconscious mind, which will compel every day actions and choices towards your intended goal. It will become effortless over time. 

Now, one very important thing to remember is that these Affirmations must be Positive. Absolutely 100% positive. 
Keep your mind On the things that you Do want, and Off the things that you Don't want. For instance, repeating to yourself "I don't want to be depressed" is basically embedding the word "depressed" into your brain. Keep your mind on what you do want, say the affirmation "I want to be Happy" instead. 

The point of Positive Affirmations is to battle away Negativity with new thought patterns. If you Believe it, you can achieve it. 

Saying aloud these Affirmations is one of the most effective methods, but there are lots of other ways you can add that extra "push" to your day; write them down a few times in your Happy Diary, post sticky-notes all over your fridge, write them on your mirror, meditate on them, make them a part of your workout by repeating them as a personal mantra. I love adding Affirmations to my workout, somehow the combination of raising those endorphins while repeating your goals is a powerful motivator. 

The last thing to remember is that you are reprogramming old thought-habits into new, better, more positive ones and so this can take time. Nothing happens overnight, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the process and journey. Keep at it, but be patient and respectful with yourself. Even so, you'll be surprised how powerful some simple positive sentences can change your life. 

Create your own reality. Reaffirm your goals and desires through daily repetition. Become your own best self-motivator. And watch your daily Positive Affirmations transform your life. 
Just don't forget to announce them daily!  ;)

Peace & Love

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