Wednesday, August 22, 2012

♥ New Rocky The Zombie Octopi Shirts! ♥

Rocky the Zombie is not new to ReLove, because this little shop rocks and I love sharing Rhi's (the lovely one-woman operation behind RTZ) amazing work! Her revamped Octopi design is super super adorable. 
I got two shirts with this cute print, an Organic Tee and a cute Tencel love cut racer tunic! They are both super duper comfy and super duper cute! Also, because Rhi is so awesome, she also sent me two delicious vegan chocolate bars! Yum! :)

 Everyone needs these happy critters in their wardrobe! 

Find Rocky the Zombie here:


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  1. I adore Rhi and her characters! I have such a huge collection that just keeps on growing!

  2. Awww those tops are really cute! I love your leggings too by the way! Hahah

  3. I love love love this! Thank you so much! <3
    I also need to try that Willie's chocolate bar.. I should have bought two!

  4. it was super good! I can't believe you sent me one and haven't tried it yourself! :o haha thanks for the treats, I loved them! <3


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