Wednesday, August 29, 2012

☆ The Life of a Cow (Infographic) ☆

Time and time again I hear people defend drinking milk. These are the most frequently said things:
"Milk is good for you." 
"It doesn't hurt the cow, it's not cruel."
"Cows need milking." 

Let me tell you, (time and time again) it IS cruel, in fact, I would sooner eat meat than ever consume dairy again on the level of cruelty involved. Cows do Not need to be milked. And Milk is terribly bad for you.
Today, I will spare you a long ramble and jump right into this little Infographic. ;)

(Please note, this inforgaphic is thanks to PETA--whatever you think about PETA you can put aside for a moment, they are not the topic of debate today. ;p)

Please realize what consuming dairy does to the lives of cows. Please make an ethical change. If you want to know more about the dairy industry I have several posts, ranging from lighter to fully-detailed (links below in that order). 

Dark Secrets of the Meat & Dairy Industries... (scroll down to the dairy part if you want to skip the meat part) 


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