Monday, July 25, 2011

☺ Inspirational: Motivational Mondays!☺

Life is so wonderful and fantastic isn't it?! Well, if you need a pick-me-up here are some tips to get pumped about Monday and the rest of your week! ;D   

☺ Accept Responsibility over your own life... over your own actions, stresses, experiences, and emotions. You are in control of You--not anyone else.   
☺ Respect Balance! There are always going to be times in life that you have to balance out everything in your life, remember that balance is important, and a hard day of work needs an equal day of fun and yet another equal day of rest. Find a good balance and do experience it all with a smile and appreciation.     
Walk Barefoot... in the grass, down the street, anywhere you feel like it. It's a beautiful feeling to have your toes actually touch the earth, connecting you to the earth. I wish I could be barefoot all the time! ...just watch where you step and don't step on any glass or anything like that. ;)    
 Say no to bad foods! It's so easy to fall into bad eating habits, especially when you are surrounded by others, even one person, eating things to tempt you. Remember that will power and stick to it. The feeling of being healthy will far-outweigh a couple mouthfuls of bad-for-you foods!   
☺ Watch a good Documentary! I am not often an advocate for watching television, however I think that you can learn to much from documentaries and they can absolutely open up your mind to new ideas. Plus there are soooo many amazing ones out there just waiting to be watched! 
☺ Pick fresh Fruit!! Depending where you live I suppose, but lots of places have community gardens and if you're near nature then chances are there are wild raspberry bushes, cherry trees, or so many other options! Maybe things are looking ripe in your own little garden too! The cherries here in Nelson are just about ripe now and so are the random raspberry bushes we are seeing everywhere. Nothing tastes better than freshly picked fruit! Yum! If you're picking wild berries, just don't eat the poisonous ones, make sure you know what you are eating!    
☺ Make the most of Life!!! There is no good reason not to be smiling all day long and not embrace every inch of life! You are alive!!! Be happy about that! Be grateful for your life! Plus you'll draw more good things to your life if you love and embrace it!   

I love you all! Make this week epic! Tell me about your plans and your adventures! :)  


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  1. I can't wait to go to my parents' cottage and and start picking the cucumbers and the plums, they're delicious!

    And thank you for this reminder to stay positive!

  2. Hey Sweetie! I'm excitied to get into ma body with some yoga this week and a sound healing workshop! also marketfest love and then off to komasket! thanks for sharing high vibe inspiration!

  3. Pili, that is exciting!!! :D And you're welcome!! xo

    Theresa, I totally forgot Markfest is this week!!! Yayy! that makes me excited :) thanks for the reminder! ;)
    I need to do more yoga myself, it's been a while. ooops!! komasket sounds like a lot of fun! I should look into going there myself :) if I dont make it have a blast love!! xo :)

  4. Do you have any favoirte documentaries?

  5. This is a great blog Bianca! Well, all your blogs are great! I'm a little late reading this due to it's Wednesday but I'm leaving in a couple hours with my girls to pick blueberries! It's so much fun! Then I keep some out fresh, but I also freeze some as well! Have an awesome day!!!!! <3

  6. yayy that's great Jackie!! :D

    Spncr313, here are some documentaries that I love...

    Food Inc, What in the World are They Spraying?, The 11th Hour, Religulous, Shark Water, Garbage Warrior, Who Killed the Electic Car, Supersize Me, An Inconvenient Truth, Zeitgeist,
    ...I'm not really sure if it's technically a "documentary" but I love "What the Bleep do we know" too. ;)

    ...just to name a few haha ;)


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