Wednesday, July 27, 2011

☺VeganCraftastic Giveaway!!!☺

Who's ready for another Giveaway?! ;D 

I am very happy to share with you the lovely work of VeganCraftastic! 

VeganCraftastic is a neat Etsy Shop that specializes in handmade accessories for crafters, pins, notebooks, crafting patterns, and more! You can find some super adorable printed pins, keychains, magnets, and zipper pouches, and totes, just to name a few of the amazing work! 

I personally purchased this super cute "Little Pig" Keychain, but I'll tell you it was tough to decide as there were so many I fell in love with! I am extremely happy with my new little Piggie to guard my keys! 


Before we get to the giveaway, here's my interview with the lovely lady behind VeganCraftastic...

Tell us a bit about yourself. I'm Kala and I'm a crafty vegan girl that loves to make stuff, bake, and dream up recipes. 

How did Vegancraftastic come to be? Vegancraftastic started as my blog, I wanted a name that would describe what I did in a fun and quirky way. A few years ago I decided to open an Etsy shop and it just seemed natural to also call it Vegancraftastic. 

Where do you find inspiration? I get inspired from everything, nature, animals, art....inspiration is everywhere!

If you had all the money in the world, what handmade item would you buy? I would probably buy an amazing and intricate handknit shawl, something beautiful and so complicated that I would never want to knit it for myself.

How long have you been Vegan and what made you decide to be Vegan? I've been vegan for 10 years and decided to become vegan for ethical reasons. Once I stopped kidding myself about how cruel and damaging an omnivore lifestyle can be, it was a simple choice to go vegan. 

Random fact? I love uncooked tofu and tempeh and love to gross my husband out by eating it :) 

Best piece of advice for life in general? Never make decisions based on money alone! 

You can find more from VeganCraftastic here:


Giveaway Info: 

This week's Giveaway is for an adorable Sweet Deer keychain

There are lots of fun ways to enter this amazing giveaway! :) A couple are mandatory and the rest are extra entries! 

This contest will close on August 5th at 11:59 PM PST. A winner will be chosen through an online randomizer.

How to Enter:
*Required* Leave a comment on the blog with...
1. With why you love VeganCraftastic.
2. Follow this blog publicly – include your name in the comment for being a (old or new) follower on the blog.
3. On Facebook: (Please include your Facebook name in your comment)
- “LIKE” ReLove Planet on Facebook (
- “LIKE” VeganCraftastic on Facebook (

Extra Entries: 
You Must post a separate comment for each extra entry in order for them to count! And you Must comment your entries in order for them to count!   
Each item below will give you ONE entry (remember to leave each in a separate comment!): 

#2. On Facebook: Post a Facebook status update with a link to this giveaway.

#3. On Twitter: (each counts as an entry) Please include your Twitter name in your comment.
- Follow ReLove (www.twitter.come/reloveplanet)
- Follow VeganCraftastic (
- Tweet about this Giveaway from your Twitter. You must include these somewhere in the tweet for it to count: "RT @ReLovePlanet"  "VeganCraftastic"
#4. Other Entries:
- "Heart" Alter-Eco Clothing on Etsy, and "favorite" two items...
- "Heart" VeganCraftastic on Etsy, and "favorite" two items...

Also, Please REMEMBER to leave your email in at least one of your comments so I can contact you if you’re the winner!!! ;)

Contest will close on August 5th at 11:59 PM PST 

GOOD LUCK!!! And Please Share with everyone you know! ;)  


If you found this article to be helpful, please consider a small donation or visit the shop. Thank you for your love and support.


  1. If I didn't already order some of these I would apply but as I already did I'll let someone else win.
    <3 Love the blog though Bianca.
    It is filled with such positivity and makes me happy to look at.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Did you really mean this closes on July 3rd? I'm guessing not since this is a new post.

    Anyway - I just found your blog (through Ravelry). VeganCraftastic has lots of cute items - like the Button button. But I fell in love with Nesting Bird Nest.
    I now follow your blog (cnuland), and became fans of ReLove and VeganCraftastic on Facebook

  4. I now follow @ReLovePlanet and @VeganCraftastic!/cmouse01/status/97011653140422656

  5. I love them!.. They're not plasticky or tacky looking, and would feel nice in your hands!

  6. Following both of you on twitter!

    (eep.. I'm going to just fit everything in this post, the little code I have to type in with each post keeps saying it's wrong!? grrrr!... I hope this doesnt happen to anyone else)

    Hearting the shops, although I've already hearted loads ;)

  7. I just started to follow your blog and liked Vegancraftastic . I really like her animal buttons :) They are just adorable !!! My FB name is Lisonh and my email is

  8. Just posted the giveaway on my FB as my status .

    (Am I doing this right ? )

  9. Just found this blog, so happy I did! I've now liked VeganCraftastic on facebook(had already Liked ReLovePlanet). Also following the blog :)
    I love VeganCraftastic because I'm always seeking out vegan products for my older sister... I also think the deer print is very punk-esque! Completely adorable!

  10. Oh & my name is Rachel Pingel(in case I need to add that...)

  11. Also liked your Etsy shop and I already had tons of your things in my favorites :)

  12. Already had Alter-Eco CLothing Liked & a bunch of stuff in my favourites.

  13. Like Vegancraftastic & faved some of their stuff too. :)

  14. oh & my e-mail is and now I'll stop spamming your comment section :P

  15. I like these, for one because the seller is vegan, I admire anyone that sticks with being vegan-I tried going vegan several years back for 2 months and failed. :( Also I just love anything with cute deer on it! :P

  16. I am following this blog! :) New Follower: Sarah Cushing

  17. I liked both facebook pages. My FB name is: Sarah Cushing

  18. I posted this giveaway on FB.

  19. I follow reloveplanet on twitter.
    My twitter name: tak555_Etsy

  20. I follow vegancraftastic on twitter.
    My twitter name: tak555_Etsy

  21. I tweeted this giveaway.
    My twitter name: tak555_Etsy

  22. Hearted alterecoclothing, those METALLICA Upcycled pants are AMAZING! hearted them and the LEOPARD-print Franken-Shirt Upcycled Open Back Top Shirt S-M.

    Etsy name: tak555

  23. Already hearted Vegancraftastic and hearted 3 items: Woodland Deer Pin Set, Japanese Lucky Cat Pin, and Baby Panda Keychain.

  24. So cute!! I love the shop and the keychain! also really like this one:

    and I follow your blog now:)

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Oh my god!!!! This things are soooo cute, sooooo nice!!! They've just improved my mood right now)))))
    don't stop doing such lovely stuff)))
    I'm a new and happy follower of your blog now
    and also likeв you on facebook (Elena Rabkina)


  27. 1.I love VeganCraftastic it’s so cute all the animals are just extremely adorable, I like the idea to share handcrafted nature inspired animal stuff with everyone else.
    2. I have been reading all of these blogs but just now became a follower. :) I follow as Stacie.
    I liked your Relove on fb already and am going to like VeganCraftastics now. :)
    I also love the little baby panda on her etsy it’s so cute :)
    <3 XO - Stacie

  28. I love VeganCraftastic because it`s things are cute!
    2. Follow this blog publicly – Lyudmila
    3. On Facebook: Lyudmila Sizova
    - “LIKE” ReLove Planet on Facebook ( = Lyudmila Sizova
    - “LIKE” VeganCraftastic on Facebook ( = Lyudmila Sizova
    lusizova at

  29. Awww the keychains are so cute <3 plus there vegan :o awesomnes! Plus they dont look cheap i want the piggy one <3 Carolyn Mayer

  30. I love the items because there are so many cute designs. Even the stitch markers are cute!

    I am a gfc follower- Mommywantstoread
    Liked both on facebook as Melissa Robinson-Arezzi

    giveawaymommy at yahoo dot com

  31. Very nice keychain:-) It will be a great idea for a giveaway this coming christmas.


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