Tuesday, August 2, 2011

☺ Inspirational: Motivational Mondays!☺

Okay, so it's not Monday... I'm a day late *gasp* but better late than never right? Hopefully you had a beautiful Monday and fabulous weekend! Here are some ways to make your week even brighter!    

☺ Make room for everything in your life! No matter what you may think, there is room for all the things that you want to do. You Can make room! Remember, you decide your life. Make room for the things you love to do! Remember, you should be working to have fun, not working to buy things and miss out on life!    
☺ Take Photos of Everything!! I know I've mentioned this one before, but it's so much fun!! There will be those who just don't get it, but taking photos is a lot of fun and why not?!! You get to capture amazing moments, beauty, memories, and all the things around you!      
☺ Have a Crafty day outside...in the sunshine with a friend! It's fun getting creative! 
☺ Hit up your local Thrift Stores! You can discover all sorts of hidden treasures! Or find amazing items to be made into something new!! This is my favorite! There's already sooo much out there, why not get creative and make something new!    
☺ Think for your self... and stop waiting for others to think for you. Make a decision without a second opinion, problem solve something for yourself instead of relying on another. You have a beautiful mind that can think for itself, give yourself the credit and the opportunity to grow! 
☺ Stop consuming Hydrogenated Oils... An amazing friend turned me onto this recently and so now I am committing to it as well. I will write a full article on the topic very soon, in the mean time, in short, they are bad! ;) They act more like a poison in our bodies than anything else! Yikes!     
☺ Have faith that Everything Happens for a Reason. Sometimes it's harder to remember this than others, but have faith and remember that life goes on and possesses so much amazing beauty. Seek out the beauty and happiness and positivity. And remember that Positivity draws more and more positivity to you. :) 

Hope you are all wonderful and vibrant and fabulous!! Tell me how your last week was, some fun adventures you've been up to or something amazing going on in your life right now or planned for the week! :) 


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