Monday, September 19, 2011

☺ Inspirational: Motivational Mondays! ☺

Time to get the positive momentum rolling for the week! Who's pumped?! Who's jumping around bursting with excitement! Rah rah rah!! Let's have another amazing blissful happy week!!! 

☺ Don't get overwhelmed by your stack of "things to do"... it can be intense sometimes and make you not want to do anything on your to do list at all. It becomes hard to know where to start and it's easy to lose motivation. Get that motivation back by picking up some momentum! Pick the 3 easiest items on your list and do those as fast as you can. There! You've already knocked things off your list! Once you've gained this momentum then the motivation comes back and you'll soon discover more and more things ticked off your list.  
☺ Learn about the Law of Attraction! I wrote an article about it Here. I highly recommend picking up the book "The Secret" though as well. It's all about using your positive thoughts to manifest all the things you want in life. And trust me when I say it works!! Understand it so you can use it! 
☺ Have a sense of Humor! Stop being so uptight and learn to loosen up a little! Laugh at jokes that aren't or are funny. Don't be analytical, just learn a little about sarcasm. Humor is a lovely way to feed happiness into the soul!   
☺ Only make Positive posts on your social networking sites! Facebook, twitter, tumblr, myspace, and so on... they are all notorious venues for people to complain and feel miserable about their lives. Stop affirming the negative things in your life! I challenge you to only write positive posts this week. Drop the complaining and focus on what is beautiful in your life instead.   
☺ Leave a "Love Note" for someone... It doesn't have to be your "significant other," leave a cute little "I love you" note for your friend, co-worker, anyone at all! Place it somewhere for them to discover later on. Spread the love and it will totally make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  
☺ Wake up to something Positive! When you first wake up in the morning set the tone of your day on a positive note. Find a happy photo, a motivational quote or picture, a song, whatever you can wake up to and make you immediately smile. Place it somewhere that your eyes will first see and wake up to.  
☺ Go Skinny dipping! It's getting colder here as the weather turns to fall, so have some fun before it gets too cold! Be a little bold and adventurous! Step out of that comfort zone! ;) 

I'm heading off to New York tomorrow so I won't have a "Motivational Monday" post for next week. But that's okay, you can just come back to this one, or an old one, and do it all over again! ;D Have a wonderful two weeks you beautiful wonderful people! 


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