Friday, September 16, 2011

☺ The Law of Attraction (Manifest Your Life!) ☺

"When you want something, the whole universe conspires to help you acheive it..."

Imagine that everything in our lives was brought to us because of our thoughts. Imagine how life changing this could be! 

Well, it's true! It's the great secret to life which is beginning to surface and come into awareness, and you can now use it to make your life everything you've always wanted it to be! 

This is the Law of Attraction, and it is the most powerful law in the universe. 
The Law is, has, and always will create your entire life experience, drawing everything that has come, is coming, or ever will come into your life. This entire life experience is created by You--by your Thoughts calling the law of attraction into action! The law must always respond by drawing the images of your thoughts back to you.

First, let go of negative reactions...
The idea of this can trigger some pretty negative initial feelings. People don't like to take responsibility over their lives or accept the possibility that the negative experiences of their life were brought to them by their own doing. When looked at negatively, then yes, denial and anger are pretty immediate reactions. But the responsibility of this is not a bad thing if you can allow your eyes to open to the possibilities and power that may enter your life in accepting this great, and rather wonderful, responsibility. Let go of the negative responses, no one is saying that you necessarily wanted the negative experiences of your life, and no past experiences make you a bad person either. Again, let go of negative responses and embrace the positivity that awaits you. It is my personal opinion that everything happens for a reason and there is always a lesson to be learned. That being said, when you are aware of the Law of Attraction then you can allow yourself the control to transform your life, to make it beautiful, and to make it everything you ever dreamed of--quite literally. 

Okay, so before you think it's just some hippie mambo-jumbo talk, allow me to elaborate and explain...

Thoughts are Magnetic and have a Frequency
This is the "how" of the Law of Attraction so to speak. And this is fact. 

It is scientifically proven that our thoughts can actually be measured because they have a frequency! Much like a radio tower, your thoughts are emitting a frequency and so that frequency is sent out into the Universe. 
Your Thoughts have a frequency!!! How cool is that? Yes, I'm allowing you to take that in for a moment. Got it? Okay, on we go. 
Now as well as having a frequency, your thoughts are also Magnetic. Whatever it is you are thinking about you are magnetically drawing that to you. 

So... as you think thoughts, they are sent out into the Universe and those thoughts are carried off on a frequency and magnetically attract all like things that are on the same frequency. Whatever you think about most is going to appear and reappear in your life.  

Like Attracts Like

The next thing to understand is that "like attracts like." Meaning like thoughts attract more like thoughts. So, think about or dwell on something negative and you will draw more similar negative experiences to yourself. But if you think about Positive thoughts and focus your attention on the Positive then you will draw more positive experiences into your life. 
This is why the spiral effect occurs or the "having one of those days" starts. If you start your morning by stubbing your toe and immediately let it get you in a bad mood then something else will go wrong and you stay in that bad mood so then something else goes wrong and then something else, and things quickly spiral as more and more things go wrong, keeping more like negative experiences coming to you because you are staying on that negative frequency. Simply switching your frequency would change your entire day! Imagine starting your day with a smile and keep that smile and more and more good things will come to you!  
Hate attracts hate. Love attracts love. Kindness attracts kindness. Blah attracts blah. Like attracts Like. 

Makes sense right? 

"Thoughts Become Things"
Whatever you think about you are drawing to you! Remember "Thoughts become things" as a reminding mantra to pay attention to your thoughts. This is why having a Positive Attitude is so important. If you always focus on the negative then guess what? That is what is going to repeatedly show up in your life. Focus on Positive Happy thoughts instead and watch them keep coming into your blissful life!

Thoughts are magnetic and will draw the parallel back to you. And the law responds to those thoughts no matter what they are. This is why some people's lives have so much negativity, because they focus so much attention on the negative, on what they don't want. That is the image they are holding in their minds on a consistent basis so the universe responds by drawing that image back to them. 

Start saying and thinking "this is a kind and giving Universe!" and the Law of Attraction must respond by giving you a kind and giving Universe. 

Focus on what you Do want! 
The problem many people have had is that they spend all their time thinking about what they Don't want instead of what they Do want. Well the Law of Attraction doesn't decide the "don't" or "dos" it picks up the images of your thoughts, the basis of the thoughts. So if you consistently think about what you Don't want then that is what is going to keep showing up in your life. If you instead start focussing on what you Do want then the law will respond by bringing that back to you. 
Keep your mind and thoughts off the things you don't want and instead only on the things you Do want. 
Think about what you DO want and not about what you Don't want. 

Place your Order with the Universe; Ask, Believe, Receive! 

There are three steps to calling the Law of Attraction into action to your greatist benefit. This is how you can "Place your Order with the Universe!" 

Step 1. Ask: Like a magical genie in a lamp, Ask the Universe for what it is you want. Get very clear about what you want and then Ask. But only ask once! It's like placing an order at a restaurant (except you're placing your order with the Universe), you only order once, you don't place your order over and over again, that would present doubt. 
So ask once and... 

Step 2. Believe: Know that your wish is on its way. Act as if you already have it. If you have thoughts of doubt then you are sending that doubt out into the Universe. If your thoughts contain noticing not having it, then guess what? You will receive more of not having it yet. You must Believe! Have unwaivering faith. Know that it is already yours.  

Step 3. Receive: Feeling good and happy is the biggest most important part. You must place yourself on the frequency of receiving, which is feeling good. You must feel your manifestation into existence. Feeling is key. So feel you have it now. If you don't feel good then you are not on the frequency of receiving. So feel gooooood!!!

Ask Once. Think about what it is you want and do not allow any contradictory thoughts to surface in your mind. Make what you want your dominant thought. And feel Good! 

Inspired Action:
Sometimes your manifestations will just be delivered right to you, just boom, there it is. Other times you will receive some inspired form of action to take. But this action is effortless, never forced, it will be something you hardly even have to think about or realize you are doing, and it will feel joyous and good. If you are in action trying to make something happen then you are going backwards and displaying lack of belief. 

Have Faith in the Universe!

"See what you want as absolute fact. This will manifest what you want with speed of light. The second you ask, it is fact in the Universal spiritual field, and that field is all that exists."

Above everything, you just need some faith. The Universe will always find a way to bring whatever it is you want to you. You don't need to know the how or why, leave that part to the Universe. You just have to know that whatever it is you want it already yours and on its way to you. Everything in the Universe is connected, and it's all energy, and the Universe always finds a way. 

"You can start with nothing, and out of nothing and out of no way, a way will be made." ~Michael Bernard Beckwith.

If you want to change your life then change your attitude and change your thoughts. Change the frequency by changing your thoughts. And watch your world transform! The Law of Attraction is working all around you. Now that you are aware of it I know that you, like myself, will see evidence of it everywhere and every day! It is a truly wonderful and amazing world we live in. Make your life everything you want it to be. And remember; thoughts become things. 

"What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve."  
~Napolean Hill

I really wanted to share information about the Law of Attraction with you, but I truly feel like I can only just brush the surface with this article. I highly recommend that you pick up the book "The Secret" because it is so much more in-depth and inspirational and life-changing. Watch the movie as well but the book gives you so much more to work with and is a lovely reminder as you read it to use the law of attraction and to feel inspired by it.


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