Sunday, September 4, 2011

☺ Inspirational; When Life Gives You a Sign, Trust it! ☺

We ask things from the Universe, from God, from Life, from whatever sources we believe in all the time, at both a subconscious and conscious level. Sometimes we do so without even realizing we asked for it. Sometimes we want it with all our might. But the funny thing is that we don't always acknowledge the answers or the signs that follow our request. If you ask the Universe for something you are going to receive it--unless you doubt that it will actually happen. So start accepting the signs when they appear. If you're looking really hard for a sign that is often when they don't appear. When you let the mind go and release your request to the Universe then an answer will appear effortlessly. Sometimes you are just straight-forward given what it is you ask for. Other times the Universe provides us with hints or clues, or sometimes blatant flashing signs queueing us to take action. Basically, I am here to remind you to not ignore those obvious signs. We have this problem of not believing or trusting that good things will actually come to us. We see the signs and that is sometimes when we doubt and start saying to ourselves it's just "coincidence" or that it doesn't mean anything at all. When Life gives you a Sign, take it! 
Today I received a blatant sign to take action about something I have been manifesting lately. And I mean blatant, in my face, and obvious. When this sign came to me I undeniably knew what it was. Tears almost came to my eyes from the beauty of this life we're given and the gifts it has to offer. There was a time in my life when I would have dismissed that sign for nothing, had doubts about it, and it would have fallen through the cracks of space. And how silly would I have felt then? I'm in a place of my life where I trust the "powers that be" and that synchronicity is something profound and meaningful and that we are allowed to have amazing wonderful great things happen to us! We are deserving and we need to be open to receiving. 

So if you're waiting for a sign, don't worry that you might "miss it." You can't miss signs from the Universe because you will see it and feel it at the very core of your being. Don't allow your mind to play the games of passing it off as nothing. Take those signs full-heartedly and have trust in the Universe and in Life. Life is beautiful and we deserve beauty and fantastic things in our lives!   


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  1. I guess this is a good reminder for me to try and let things flow a bit, and snatch up at when the moment is right instead of doing too much planning in my head!

  2. Btw, I love the new look of the blog and the font!

  3. Hi I agree with this post because last year around my birthday I asked God to please send me a good man because I was tired of the players and liars and assholes. I received a message on my dating profile, and it was a man who looked attractive stating won't i make his dreams come true. He had messaged me on my birthday but I think i answered the day after we messaged for a while and he asked for me to come meet him at a park so he could give me a birthday hug. I met him at the park and we talked I found myself becoming attracted to him, he turned out to be sweet, honest, affectionate, and fun to be around yet life is not always perfect he has some issues he needed to deal with after a few months of fun with him, he disappeared. I was devastated, I asked God why would he send someone just for me to be heartbroken again. I never got an answer despite my hurt I ended up letting go, that was in October of 2012. fast forward to May of 2013 I was walking home from the mall and i seen a heart with the name Tonie in it on the sidewalk that was the name of the guy I had really liked and met on my birthday, i shrugged it off bc it had been months and I was over him so no big deal anymore. I was invited out to go dancing with my friend we went to the spanish club and we were talking about guys before we went in she said she didn't think i really liked any of the guys i was dating now and i said then who do u think i really liked? she blurted out Tonie!! i was like what? that was a while ago i don't even talk about him anymore. so again twice in a day his name came up and i had not thought about him in fact i was dating a new guy for 6 months who i really liked. My friend and I go to the club after talking in the car for a little bit but the entrance fee was too much, so then we decide to go to another club we get in and we are having a good time but then that club closes super early than usual which we were baffled by because it usually closed at 3am. so we decided to go to this one last club and who do you think i saw when i walked in there? someone I hadn't seen, talk to, or even really think about since I gotten over him months ago....TONIE. he came over to apologize. I thought it was very weird how all events led up to us being reunited...not sure if it's meant to be but it was very very odd..


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