Monday, September 5, 2011

☺ Inspirational: Motivational Mondays! ☺

Hooray it's Monday! Life is so wonderful! Let's make the week awesome, yes yes?! :) 

 ☺ Interpret things Positively! As always, this is about focussing on the positive and how it will change your life experience and view of the world. I experienced a perfect example of this the other day when my lovely friend interpreted another person on a negative level because she was nervous over something. Same conversation (I was present during this), and I interpreted the situation on a completely positive level. Exact same conversation. If you have a negative interpretation then your experience will turn out negative. If you have a positive interpretation then your experience will be positive. Simple as that. 
☺ Create a Vision Board! This is an exercise to aid the process of the Law of Attraction and gain the things you ask the Universe for... Place pictures of all the things you want, and pictures of how you want your life to be, on your "Vision Board." Put your Vision Board in a place where you'll see it often and take it all in on a daily basis. Visualization is an important step to the Law of Attraction so help yourself out.  
☺ Go Camping! Nature rocks!!! Go out and enjoy and embrace it before it gets too cold to! Camp in your backyard if you have to! However you do it just do it and love it! 
☺ Forgive and Get over it! Life is too short to hold onto grudges. Learn to forgive people and move forward. You don't gain anything from remaining stagnant on a negative. I've mentioned this before, but it is also important to respect when a relationship is healthy or not and you are allowed to walk away from it. But that doesn't mean you can't still forgive someone and get over things instead of holding onto that negative energy. 
 Observe and Admire all Wildlife... and I mean really take the time to admire the beauty. I am pretty observant when it comes to nature but sometimes it's easy to dismiss the beauty of the little things like little birds or insects. The other day I really stopped and admired this cute little bird; with its fluffy brown feathers, yellow beak, black stripes on its tiny head. Details! Admire them and take it all in! 
☺ Give food to a Homeless person! They are people too, although in our society we like to forget. They have a story, they have a life, they are living beings just like you and me, and they need that extra compassion. So share and be nice. It could totally make their day! Don't give them money though, only food! It's the golden rule! 
☺ Press the "Happy Button!" Keep your finger on the "feeling happy" button. Press it now and keep your finger pressed down on it firmly, no matter what is happening around you or what life decides to throw you today. 

And remember the other golden rule: Be Happy!!!! ;D Have an amazing lovely week full of excitement! Enjoy the beautiful weather while we have it and have a wonderful Labor Day! 


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  1. Thank you for the reminders to keep a positive attitude and to forgive and let go of things...

  2. I am really looking forward to being around your positive energy for a week!! I need to absorb some :)


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