Saturday, May 12, 2012

❀ Meet Fellow Vegans! ❀

These lovely "interviews" are with other fellow vegans, to inspire and share their stories and lifestyles and love for all things vegan. Oh, and to prove we don't eat grass and have a ton of kick-ass fun! ;)


Meet Stacie! 
Name: Stacie 

Age:  26

Country: USA

Vegan Since: December 2010

Pets? 2 Kitties (Piper and Jasper) 1 Siberian husky (Peanut) and 1 quarter horse (Skittles)

A bit about yourself:  
I'm some what a cross between a Punk, Hippie, Indie chic who plays the drums in a band, as well as crochets cool vegan friendly creations. And I live on a farm. :)

What did your diet look like pre-vegan? 
Pre-vegan I grew up farm life so it was always meat and dairy every day. 

What does your diet look like now? Any fun new foods you had no idea existed until becoming vegan? 
My diet now is 100% vegan.  I had no idea how amazing some foods tastes til becoming vegan. I absolutely love vegan candy bars :) mmmm.... :)

What is your favourite food or meal to eat now? 
My favorite meal to make myself now is Vegan Lasagna. It's so freaking delicious! :)

What made you become vegan? 
I became vegan because my body actually stopped being able to digest animal proteins.  At first was freaked out and then got introduced to the wonderful work of a vegan diet and I'd never go back ever!

How long was the transition, and were there any slip-ups? 
My transition was fast because I was actually in a hospital for like a week straight trying to figure out what was wrong with me. When eating the vegan diet I didn't go back I knew I could do it! And there were not really an slip ups because meat and dairy just made me so sick I didn't want to touch it. 

How do you feel since going vegan? (changes in your health, mood, body, etc.) 
Being vegan is awesome! I feel way more energetic and excited to do things! I also became a more happy person inside and out and everyone around me noticed. It also felt great to not feel horrible and be able to go out and enjoy life. 

Biggest challenge about making the switch? How did you get through it? 
Biggest challenge was my family. Trying to get my family to see why I made the switch. It wasn't the fact that it was hard to give up anything because I am extremely open to it. It was the fact that my farm family couldn't see how I could do it. I basically got through it one day at a time offering them to try my new vegan dishes daily. 

Do you have any other vegans in your life? (family, significant other, friends, roommates, etc.) How do they handle your veganism and how do you handle them? 
No one else around me is vegan. (besides the wonderful Bianca :) ) My parents, well my mom, accepts my decision and she tries my foods. My father thinks I'm gross and it looks horrible but I just tell him it's way better than the stuff he's eating. My friends are amazing and they support me and my healthy life style, they also came to terms that maybe they can do it after they eat my cooking. I have had at least two friends I know now starting to try out a vegan life style due to supporting me, which to me is amazing! My boyfriend's also super supportive of it too, he will try my food with an open mind and I couldn't ask for anything more than that. 

How do you deal with ignorant/annoying/difficult people and questions about your decision? 
Dealing with the annoying questions and people about my decision is quite easy for me since I got through it almost on a daily bases with my farm family, I basically kill them with kindness. There's no point into letting them get to me, in the end it's my life my choice. 

Favourite part about being vegan? 
Cooking! I love cooking up new vegan ideas! That and everything tastes so much better! 

Any tips for others thinking of going vegan? 
Being vegan is awesome I know two of my friends who are trying and there hardest thing to cut is cheese so to them I say slowly work the vegan cheese in your diet and eventually you'll love it more. :) 


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