Saturday, May 5, 2012

❀ Question of the Week! ❀

What are "Question of the Week" posts?  

To get my lovely readers (yes that would be you! ;)) to feel a little more involved and get some fun interaction going. Therefor, "Question of the Week" is born. What are these questions? Absolutely anything and everything under the moon (or perhaps beyond) that I feel like asking and hearing your fun responses. ;) 

So, now, on to Saturday's Question of the Week...

Childhood!!! :) What are your fondest childhood memories? What fun adventures did you get up to when you were a child? How did you spend your time? What games did you play? Annnnnd, Go! ;)


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  1. I loved playing at the cottage my parents have, I have a swing and I could climb all over the place and play with my dad's doggies all day long!

  2. I used to cut up washcloths and teatowels (not always with full permission!) and sew oddly shaped clothes for my dolls ^_^

  3. Spending summer time in beautiful Eastern Washington, with all my family. Swimming/floating the in the river, riding quads, oysters around the campfire, horseshoes and croquet, painting and sewing with my grandma, playing old school Nintendo with my brothers, picking wild blackberries and making jam, going on hikes....the list go on an on! Those were great summers and I miss them very much.


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