Saturday, September 15, 2012

☺ Regain Your Energy! ☺

So many of us feel burntout, lethargic, tired, as if someone burst our energy balloon and ran away giggling while we are left without the energy to even chase back after the little energy-stealing monster. Okay, so there isn't really an energy zapping monster, but if you'd prefer to think of the sources of your lack of energy as such I won't stop you--in fact, it kind of sounds fun, I may be picking up that new mental image… where was I? Right, energy zapping. 
While we may sometimes feel as if the solution is out of our hands it truly isn't; the power is in your hands as usual. Yay! Okay, I realize you may not have the energy to "yay" yet, but you will, I promise. ;) Most of the time all we really need is to make a few lifestyle changes. Think about it, how many of you eat well? Exercise? Actually take care of yourselves? How many of you focus your thoughts on the fact you're tired instead of telling yourself that you're full of energy? The truth is that regaining your energy isn't as hard at it may sound. So hopefully you'll have the energy to read on and make those important lifestyle changes that could have you buzzing and bursting with energy. ;)

Balance! Remember that balance thing I'm always talking about? Apply it now! Meaning, don't overburden yourself. Unfortunately, when we exert more energy than actually exists, we are usually going to burnout. When we spread ourselves too thin then we simply don't have enough energy to do the things we're supposed to do properly. And no one likes sloppy work. Balance is key. Say no to things if your energy is low. Clear up your schedule and remake it so that it is properly balanced. Watch how much energy you are exerting. Life is meant to be enjoyed, not running around like a mad person trying to do too many things at once. You know, stop and smell the flowers. ;)

Sleep! Everyone's need for sleep will differ, learn how you run best and try to stick with it. For example, I function rather perfectly on 7 hours of sleep. My husband on the other hand needs 8-9 hours of sleep. Keep in mind that oversleeping can be just as bad as under sleeping. If I oversleep (for me over 8 hours) then I feel lethargic. Again, figure out what you feel best at. Generally people need a minimum of 7-8 hours. And if you're having trouble sleeping, figure out why and work to remedy it. Maybe you're snacking too much before bed or watching too much TV before bed? Maybe your room simply isn't dark enough? Maybe it's too noisy. There are always solutions, so seek them out and… sleep. 

Move! Okay, you're done sleeping, now get moving! Go go! If you're not creating energy then you won't have energy. For example, if you're sitting around being lazy watching TV or playing video games all day then don't expect to Feel energetic or to Have more energy. Moving, on the other hand, Does create energy! So try adding more activity to your day, get that body moving in any way possible and as frequently as possible. 

Eat! Whether it's from not eating or eating the wrong foods, fix any eating problems. Food is life, food is energy, food is fuel for your body! Don't cram it full of processed, sugary, junk food! Fill it with good-for-you veggies, fruits, and Real food! I swear this is the biggest problem most people have, eating bad foods and then wondering why they have no energy. Getting an allergy test is a great idea as well as eating foods your allergic to can totally zap away your energy. And learn to eat less in the evening and more instead during the day--which is most people's problem.   

Get off them screens! TV screens, phone screens, computer screens. Have you ever noticed how tired you can feel after staring at a screen for an hour or few? They're like energy zapping machines, releasing positive ions (which are actually the bad ones) and taking away your motivation and making you feel lethargic… which usually turns into, well I don't feel like doing anything anyway so I'll just stay on Facebook a while longer. NO! Get your butt off that seat and go back to point #3, get moving! Your eyes, your mind, your body, your energy will thank you. If you are stuck at a computer for work then take breaks often, look away from your screen often, and if you're still limited then try to keep your body moving in other ways even if you're at your seat. 

Granted, you may not see improvements the next day, after all, you'll be replenishing the lost energy. However, most people will start to see changes within a couple days if you start doing things right. These are simple but crucial points so remember them well and start feeling like the sparkly energetic creature that you are and steer clear of that little energy-zapping monster. ;)


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  1. My gosh, I do need to get off the computer screen more often!

  2. Very good advice! That's why I feel so much better when I spend a few days at the cottage! ;)

  3. Uber cute art and great advice!!!


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