Friday, January 4, 2013

☺ Jump-start 2013 with Positive Change ☺

My first post of 2013! How exciting! ;)
Honestly, I've been a bit all over the place with how I wanted to express my feelings of the new year. Finally, after scribbling down notes and thinking to myself, and aimlessly writing, I came to my conclusion. Since ReLove has always been a place to inspire, to kick on those happy shoes and dance around with silly bliss and motivation, I figured that's what this post needs to be about. I already wrote a rather forward "Motivational Mondays" Post that I wanted to kick the New Year off with, but here is a little extra positive re-enforcement… or a second wake up call for me to tell you to make this year fantastic. 
I'll start by mentioning what I've said before; I'm not too much for New Year's Resolutions--in fact I wrote a post about it last year. So, not to repeat myself too much, I am simply going to say that I am For "Self Resolutions." 
What is the point of resolutions if we are just going to break them after a few days, or weeks, or moments, or seconds? So many of us have all these great ideas and inspirations and then come the New Year… well, nothing has changed, because--as I've mentioned a few times now--the turning of the New Year doesn't magically make things change. You have to make things change. So why do resolutions fail when we have such good intentions? Maybe because they aren't completely heart-felt, after all, there's almost this obligation to make these resolutions in the first place, instead of them coming from a place of inner wanting and choosing, or, more importantly, Commitment. Another reason I think they fail is because the second that we feel We fail, or our Resolutions "fail" then that's it, it's done, no more. I'm talking about the first slip-up, the first bump in the road, the first incident that makes you throw your arms up in the air and go "nothing's changed!" "2013 sucks just like last year!" 
Is this not madness? I say it time and time again, never give up, always stay positive, focussed, and encouraged, no matter how many bumps, falls, scrapes, scars, and tumbles you have. If you don't climb back up then you are just dragging yourself through the mud collecting more scrapes and burns and dirt, whereas if you keep standing back up then you are slowly but surely going to stay standing. You may still stumble, but you can easily climb back up. So stand back up! Get back on your feet, dust yourself off, and keep going. 
To hell with resolutions, say Yes to Life! Because life truly starts Right Now! If you're having a bad day then you can Start Over right in that moment. You never ever ever have to stay down. Ever. Have I said that enough times yet? Start again, because you can and because you have the will to choose and Do. So Do. 

Doesn't it sound like a much better idea to put effort into Feeling Good, then to feeling Bad? It seems like such an obvious answer, yet we too often place far more energy into feeling bad. We do so by complaining about ourselves, about others, about our jobs, about money, about the things we don't have. We do so by slunking down in front of the television and watching mindless shows and movies with a shit-ton of subliminal messages meant to make you feel bad about yourself. We do so by moping, sulking, and feeling sorry for ourselves. Think about All that Time and Energy that you could be using to Feel Good instead! Seriously!!! Is it not worth it? 
It may seem tedious at first because you're moving away from "comforts." But what you need to realize is that they are false comforts; they don't make you feel good, they're just comfortable. Step out of your comfort zone and do something different. Live your life differently. If you want to be happy then start to change the way you act, feel, and do. Change your habits. Change your attitude. It will all amount to transforming your life into this beautiful vibrant fantastic wonderful magical awesome world. 
So. It's 2013. Make your Resolution a lasting one and Change Your Self and Your Life. Make Happiness the air you breathe, every move you make, every word you speak, every thought you think. Make Happiness a Habit. 
I did it. And so can you. Don't be lazy, get up and shout out to the world how awesome your life is. Because it is. You just haven't noticed yet.  

I wish you all a very Happy Happy New Year! Much Love and Hugs and all that good stuff. ;) Keep smiling! 


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  1. A really wonderfuly inspiring post, Bianca!

    Thank you!


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