Thursday, November 4, 2010

☺ Inspirational: Love Yourself! ☺

Love Starts by Loving Yourself.

How can you truly expect to have love for anything else in the world if you can't feel love for your very self? 

It seems like a simple concept, yet it is probably one of the things people lack the most these days. 

To not love Yourself usually means that there is trouble within. An internal struggle that has gone unresolved. 
Chances are if you don't Love Yourself then you don't truly Know Yourself either, only the mask you play in society. 
It's time to look inwards. Time for some one-on-one with You. Time to say hello and Be Who you Want to Be. 

Compassion, Understanding, Love. They come from within. If you don't like Yourself Within, how can you like what's outside of yourself?

How can you expect to Connect with anything if you can't with yourself? To see Beauty on the outside (Life, Nature, People, Relationships) you must find the Beauty on the Inside. 

If you've noticed a pattern of bad relationships, addictions, general self-abuse, you are probably, consciously or subconsciously, punishing yourself. Not a very Loving act now is it? Time to change that around! 

For some reason, Society messes up our way of thinking, because if we are unhappy or dissatisfied, most of us will try to fill that void with Things. Guess what? I've said it many times, and I'll say it again; You don't need Things to make you Happy!

Now let's clear the air a bit... It seems to almost be taught in our society that to Love Yourself means you are Self-Absorbed and/or Self-Centred. The two are NOT the same thing! The truth is, most people that are (self-centered and self-absorbed) are almost always the ones that actually hate themselves and are miserable. So we need to get over this complex and realize that the two are not one in the same. It is Good to Love Yourself and Appreciate Yourself!   

You can't possibly expect to love anything else in the world if you have no love for yourself. Simple as that. If you don't, there will always be that negative cloud somewhere in your mind preventing you from truly enjoying life and the people and things around you. 

You know how the saying goes; to help others, you must first help yourself. So Love Yourself so that you can Love Others! If we all just Loved then the world would be a much Happier place. We wouldn't fight all the time, or lash out, or be Negative. We would be able to see the Beauty in others as we would in ourselves. 

You are wonderful and beautiful and amazing and unique! You are worthy of love! 

So go ahead, Love Yourself! 

It is perhaps the single greatest thing you can do.

"You must love yourself before you love another. By accepting yourself and fully being what you are, your simple presence can make others happy." 

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  1. Wonderful post indeed! And I love that photo... gorgeous shot!

  2. Society has these expectations for us that keep us from being happy. We are constantly brainwashed into thinking that we can fill the voids with material possessions. These material possessions won't make us happy. The true key to happiness is being in the moment and accepting what is. We ourselves hold the key to our own happiness. This was a very inspirational blog you wrote and I just had to comment on it.


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