Tuesday, August 9, 2011

☺ Inspirational: Motivational Mondays!☺

Perhaps I need to change this to "Motivational Tuesday" hmm? Well, a day late is better than nothing ;) I promise to be more on the ball of things from now on. I just had an insanely epic weekend that I can't wait to share with you all which is why I am late to post. But in the mean time... Motivation for the week!!! :)     

☺ Be Comfortable being By Yourself! An experience this weekend really pushed me to embrace this. At first I was a bit scared and uncomfortable but after I eased up and allowed myself to just "Be" I really enjoyed my quality time alone. It's fun to go on adventures and just be by yourself sometimes. Start being comfortable with it!    
☺ Make Things Happen!!! If you want something to happen then make it happen! Manifest all of your desires and believe they will happen with all your heart and they will! Trust me when I say it works! I will share my story with you this week!  
☺ Love Your Body! Take a moment to admire and love every inch of your beautiful body! There is likely not a person living in this society that isn't self-conscious about Something! Stop! Everyone is beautiful and we shouldn't allow society to drown out that love with their self-loathing advertising. Love your body! You are beautiful!!      
☺ Talk to Strangers! It's always fun meeting new people and they can really surprise you! First impressions are not always the best, give people a chance and actually talk to them!  
☺ Influence Your Self! Meaning don't let others be so influential... unless it's something super positive and good for you of course! ;) It's too easy to say "I'm not going to drink" (or anything else) and then be surrounded by others who are and get pulled into it. You choose at the end of the day and you should stick to what you truly want to do and not what is easy to get sucked into. They are not the bad influence, you are your own influence! Trust yourself!!
☺ Be Extra Giving! It's a wonderful feeling to be giving towards others! Whether it's giving someone a special gift from your heart, doing someone a favor, or any other good deed, do it!      
☺ Accept Kindness! To go with the above, allow yourself to accept other people's kindness! We live in a world where we feel almost ashamed, selfish, or guilty to accept other people's kindness and gifts, as if it's a bad thing to do so and we somehow "owe" them if we do. Accept their kindness and gifts in whatever form they come in. If you are a giving person then why not accept other people's gifts as well? It's a beautiful cycle that we should embrace not be bashful or guilty about! 

Hope my words add some inspiration for your week! 
Most of all remember to have fun!!! Hope you are all having as beautiful a summer as I am! You are all amazing and beautiful!! 


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