Monday, August 15, 2011

☺ Inspirational: Motivational Mondays!☺

Isn't life amazing? And wonderful? And beautiful and epic and fantastic?!! Why yes it is!!

☺  Say YES! Life is Amazing! Every morning this week and month and forever! Life is what you want it to be and our thoughts are the direct source to all of that wonder and happiness! Start your day with positivity! Remind yourself consistently that life is fantastic!
☺ Stop Worrying so much... I apologize because I mention this one a lot but it's usually a reoccurring thing for most of us. Stop stressing out!! Especially over things that have not yet happened. Have faith that everything will go smoothly and they most likely will! 
☺ "Do It Now!!!" Apply this attitude Now!! ;) No more procrastinating or putting things off! When something comes up do it immediately! Watch how your life may change... and get a bit more organized and easier! 
☺ Read Labels... whether it's food ingredients or beauty products, pay attention to what you are subjecting your body to. So many things these days cause cancer, asthma, and a whole onslaught of other illnesses that you could be saving your body from if only you pay attention to those labels. Get educated! Care about your lovely body! 
☺ Make use of "Waiting!" Instead of sitting there feeling impatient and anxious, take that time to focus on what you want in life, what you are grateful for, and focus on positivity. Stressing out isn't going to make things run any faster, in fact it will do just the opposite. So try it! Next time you're at that traffic light, construction zone, grocery or coffee line-up, stop and make it a positive experience! Raise those vibrations and you'll brighten your day!   
☺ Make a list of "Secret Shifters!" These are things that can change your feelings in a snap! If you're feeling down and need to get back on track this is the list to turn to. Make it a list of anything that makes you feel good; music, a memory, a picture, someone you love, nature, anything at all! It's important to have many because different "Secret Shifters" will work on different days. 
☺ Dance in the Rain! Naked!!! I love dancing in the rain, but after the suggestion from my sister, I am now determined to dance in the rain naked!! Next time it's raining see where you can get away with it! 

Have a fantabulous week!!! Make it amazing! Make it epic! And remember to keep that beautiful smile on your face!!!   


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  1. Making use of waiting... good point!!

  2. Indeed life is truely amazing.It is all about being positive and believing in ur self.


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