Tuesday, August 30, 2011

☀ News & Updates: Alter-Eco needs a Change... ☀

Okay, so I'm not going to lie, I have been getting bored with Alter-Eco Clothing. Don't fret yet! I still love sewing and designing and creating new fantastic eco-friendly clothing!! But, I have had this system for over a year now that the majority of the designs are customizable items available in different sizes and color combinations. The thing is that I get tired of making the same things over and over again. Sometimes it's fun, in fact at first it was still lots of fun, but the longer I am doing this the more I feel like a zombie at work. Not the point or fun in having your own business. I have a creative mind that is ready to burst, and that creativity is feeling trapped in the repetitiveness that feels like a manufacturing line instead of my creative love-child. So! Here are the changes that are going to happen in the shop...

I am going to get back to creating One of a Kind pieces!! Which should be exciting for a lot of you who I know just loved the one of a kind pieces! I get to be more creative again and you get one of a kind items that no one else in the world has! Win-win right? 

For the items still listed in the shop, this will be your last chance to get those items!! So go go go and grab yourself one of these pieces as they will be the last!!! I may (and I mean May here!) re-create some pieces if you beg and plead with me but these pieces will be a bit higher priced. 

Sound good? 

Who knows, if Alter-Eco is absolutely BoOmInG then maybe I can reach a point where I can hire another seamstress to keep doing the customizable items. That would be awesome! :) 

If you guys have thoughts, ideas, opinions, I am always happy to hear them! You guys are amazing and I love you all so much! You allow me to do what I love so I am forever eternally grateful! Go ahead and give yourselves a great big hug!!! ;D 


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  1. I can understand making the same thing over and over again would be boring, so I'm only asking that you make OOAK in different sizes! ;)

  2. Well, obviously I love this idea!! There should be more OOAK in the world :)

  3. (ps---I just posted this comment from Google Chrome, NOT IE, and it worked just fine!!!!!)

  4. oh cool good to know!!!

    and yes, I am quite excited about making OOAKs again!! I do need to figure out the size thing though :P hmmmmmmm I could find more models too and learn to actually properly use our good camera to take photos myself haha

  5. I love OOAK's! I love to wear something someone else isn't wearing. Bianca, you have that outlook to visualize it! Whatever you venture in I will be right there! <3

  6. Well, I'm always supportive of creative exploration - but I do want to know how long we have to snap up the last of your steam punk / gothic doll collections? I adore them and must have one or two pieces! I see you're posting "last chance" on the items - does that mean that's the last time you'll post them, or will you post them a couple more times? Hehe :P

  7. Basically whatever is left in the etsy store is what is going to be left of the collections. So, one more of whatever is listed. I won't be relisting them once they sell. So definitely snag anything up if you don't want to miss out ;)

    Thanks for your support lovely xo

  8. So - I guess the custom-made pieces have become "limited editions", which is still pretty special!! ;)

    I applaud your decision. When you're having FUN designing, it shows in your work and the quality, and customers can sense that. We want to support you!!! :)

    What I would LOVE to see is more of a range of sizes, now that the ability to customise our own size is going away. Also items for a range of body types.

    Bianca you are a STUNNING model, I adore your shop, but the only reason I haven't bought anything recently is because the things that look amazing on you in some of the latest ranges, wouldn't look quite so good on me. The short skirts and skinny pants for example, would not be a good look for me. So - my suggestion would be - have fun with more of a variety of stuff! Following the example, I'd love to see some longer skirts as well as the short ones. The cropped tops are adorable too, but again not something I'd wear, so maybe make some versions in full length shirts? You could experiment with the designs and make the versions a bit different from each other, so hopefully you can still have fun making them, while still appealing to more customers who enjoy different styles :)


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