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☺ Applying a Positive Mental Attitude to Your Life ☺

No one gets out of this life without having to deal with stuff...great stuff, wonderful stuff, happy stuff, crappy stuff, sad stuff, tragic stuff....and sometimes you look at other people and think..Wow, they are soooo lucky, their life is sooooo good. That is perception, what you are witnessing is how each individual deals with the circumstances of their life...that is the MAGIC of always get to CHOOSE how you react to the circumstances...because everyone deals differently. You get to choose your reactions. If someone reacts positively ...then they are seen as LUCKY...well their attitude is lucky..but life is life is life for everyone.

Life is life is life. For everyone. 
The truth is that everyone has to deal with ups and downs with life. No one person is more gifted than the other--unless they happen to be using the power of the Law of Attraction to their advantage (which is still Them putting life into action), but even then, sh!t happens. Such is life. But how are some people always so happy and positive and seem to be unfazed by the dark messes of the world? 

Firstly: they're not. 
Everyone has downs, everyone has a hard time with things from time to time, because no one is perfect and no one has perfect control over their emotions all the time. No one. Probably not even those wise old monks we hear so much about. Just because you don't see someone fall apart, doesn't mean they don't on the inside, or doesn't mean they don't go home with the need to unwind there instead. Everyone goes through things, everyone cries (in fact, crying is very helpful and healing and releasing), and everyone experiences the drops of their perfect moods. 
Everyone is human. Got it? Okay, let's move on. 

Secondly: Some people just know how to change Perspective.
Perspective is everything, and one of the most valuable and helpful lessons I ever learned was to change my attitude. As already mentioned, things happen to everyone, but the people who seem the happiest are the ones who know how to deal with their conflicts accordingly. This is when having a Positive Mental Attitude comes in. When shit hits the fan, you have two choices. One, you fall apart, get mad, get frustrated, and let it destroy your mood. Or two, (even if you have to first go through One) you pick up a smile and try looking at things from a different perspective. Perspective is Everything! No matter how bad a situation can be, there is always a bright side. Even if the bright side is that you get to learn a hard lesson that will make you a stronger person. 
It's not what happens to you in life, it's how you Deal With It that matters. Trust me. 
I have had happy times in my life where things were effortless and going right, and I've had times when I thought things couldn't get any worse. The irony is that during one of those periods of my life when things were falling apart, I was actually at my happiest--and it was all thanks to picking up an optimistic, Positive Attitude and putting things into perspective. That attitude saved me, absolutely and surely, because things at that point in my life were one of the worst points of my parent's messy divorce and custody battles of my younger siblings, and emotional traumas. That Positive Attitude allowed me to be resilient, allowed me to keep smiling, and made me more helpful to those around me as well. I took time to focus on the good things: the other great things I currently had in my life, as well as why the "bad" situation was a good thing--again, perception is everything. 

Put Things Into Perspective
Focussing on the outcome you desire is a good alternative to dwelling on the problem. If you can focus on the outcome, then your mind (or the universe) can help you get there much quicker and with much less heart-ache.  
Instead of allowing yourself to get overwhelmed and negative, take a step back. Try looking at things logically--which I understand isn't always easy when you're emotional, but take a few breaths, get out some paper (even if you're still crying when you start) and start scribbling down things that might be good about what's going on around you. There are always different angles that you can look at things from; if you don't believe me, just think about how one Same Situation can be perceived Completely differently by each individual involved. There are always different points of view. Your goal is to find the point of view that will help you. The Positive Side. The side that will get you through the mess and put a smile back on your face. 
Plus, if all else fails, remember: nothing is ever permanent, including emotions and feelings, and, after time, you Will feel better. 

Change Your Mind and you'll Change Your Life
If you can pick up this way of thinking then life will become much easier. Life is based on perception, therefore, if you can change your perception you will change your life. You have in your mind the power to do extraordinary things, and one of those extraordinary things is the capacity to change your life through simply Thinking. Think Happy, Think Positive. See what happens. It can really be quite magical and, well, life-changing. 
Practice makes perfect, and while this practice may feel hard at the start, the more you apply it, the easier it becomes. And it's always worth it. Simply taking a few minutes to sit down, jot down your thoughts, and find the positive means much less time wasted stressing yourself into sickness. 
Remember: your Attitude counts for everything. So work on that Positive Attitude at all times!  

A Personal Example:
Using one of my more recent experiences, I'd like to show you how changing your attitude can work… 

Just over a year ago, a flood rushed through our rental home. The entire basement was flooded in several feet of water, and the upstairs was washed over with grimy dirty pools and caked in stinky mud. It happened when I was up town (we live on a mountain and downtown is higher, while our apartment was at the bottom, very close to the lake). I came home to the mess and the mud washed right up to our front door--which was when the "no, no, no" panic began to set in. The entryway was a pool of murky muddy water, and, upon entering, most of our living room was in the same state, drifting down the hall and partly into our bedroom. 
Well, our landlord did nothing and was rather useless during this whole ordeal--we couldn't even get a hold of him for a day or two. So we began cleaning the mess ourselves--we didn't have a lot of options after all. Even after cleaning, the place Stank. The fire department was pumping the water out of the basement and the river that had taken over our backyard (not exaggerating here, it was a River!). After all of this was said and done, the basement was still so thick in mud that there was nothing that we could really do but to start salvaging the mess. All of my silkscreening gear (for my Job) was down in that basement, as well as our expensive camping gear, bikes, and the washer and dryer that we owned. 
Now, while our first reaction was indeed the panic and frustration of the whole mess and the ordeal to follow, we let it pass. We knew that stressing about it wasn't going to help or get us anywhere. 
So we started putting things into Perspective

First: it was the perfect incentive to Move the hell out of this place that we had been wanting to do for a while. 
Second: we started to list the things we were Grateful for: 
We had insurance coverage (which after some back and forth bickering and arguments, we were able to receive--bastard insurance companies trying to wiggle their way out of covering us--pfft), so anything that was damaged could be replaced. Our landlord couldn't say no to an early leave out of our lease because, well, our place was literally uninhabitable with the stench coming up from the basement of possible sewer water at that! My screens (for silkscreening) had at least been up somewhere where they remained undamaged by the water and my expensive inks were also still in tact--it was also summer still so I could silk screen outside (how delightful!). Our kitties were safe through everything, thank goodness! And so forth! 

So, with our gratitude and perspective in check, it was on to a Positive Solution: Moving! 
This was the biggest Positive Outlook out of the whole thing. We had a month to find a new place, no excuses allowed. And if it weren't for being armed with our Positive Attitudes and the Law of Attraction, we might have been screwed. My partner and I decided to write lists (things are twice as likely to come true when you write them down!) of what we wanted in our new home--after all, we were aiming for an upgrade and wouldn't settle for anything less. So we made our lists, and made sure they were in line with one another so that we were both manifesting the same thing. And we started looking. We looked at several places throughout the month, and even though it was a little discouraging at times, we didn't settle. And, guess what? We found our dream home. No joke. Pretty much everything that we'd written down on our lists we found--and if we didn't then we received variations! Our landlords are the nicest people we could ever ask for--for real, we adore them, they're the best! We even have a House to ourselves, in stead of some dingy duplex. We'd also made sure we wrote down how much we wanted to be paying for rent, and we even came within that range (which to the unbelieving, was an impossible find). 

So, moral of the story? 
Thanks to Perception, Positive Thinking, and Focussing on a Positive Outcome, our "Disaster" became a blessing in disguise. And this lesson applies to anything and everything in life. There is no point in stressing, there is only a point in turning your attitude around and Thinking Positive!
Give it a try, practice, practice, practice. Remember there is always a Positive Solution. Always.   


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