Thursday, October 14, 2010

☮ "Be The Change" Challenge! ☮

Alright Lovelies, it's time to step it up! And I'm giving you some extra incentive to jump on board--although saving your own home (Earth) and human life (yourself) should be all the incentive you need. 

Changing and helping Planet Earth starts with Each of Us, as an individual to contribute to a Global Movement. 

I am making it a personal mission to use everyday as an opportunity to help the Planet. This means that Everyday I will find some new way to help or contribute. 

I encourage all of you to take up this Challenge as well! 

**This Challenge will be Officially starting in the New Year (2011) once there are enough people expressing interest! Leave a Comment to show you're interested!**

The Challenge:

When you wake up in the morning, ask the question;

"What can I do for Mother Earth today?"

Then, do something for your planet! 
Strive to make changes in your every day life that help. You may be surprised by how much fun it can be, how rewarding it is, and how passionate you will become about saving Earth. 

Keep track of all the changes and eco-goodness you've been up to throughout the week and the month. As an extra challenge, see if you can do something new for the well-being of the planet every single day. Then, Share what you've been up to on the end of the Month "Be the Change Challenge" blog post.  

The Reward:

Aside from saving your home (and therefor yourselves) and feeling great about doing something so important, I am adding a little extra incentive...

Once the Challenge is underway, I will have a draw for a $$ Gift Certificate(s) to Alter-Eco Clothing, as well as a package of other Goodies to include with your purchase ^_^. 

How to Get Entries in the Draw:

There will be a Green "checklist" in a Page on the Blog with all sorts of Eco Changes you can do. For each Green thing that you're doing, it counts as a point, and therefore an Entry in the Draw. That's right, each point counts for One Entry!! That means you can get tons and tons of Entries for the draw!! The Greener you are the higher your chance of winning!!  
Points will be tallied up at the end of each month so I can keep track. 

Again, post your Green List in the end of the Month "Be the Change Challenge" Blog post. 

Any New Green ideas will be added to our "Be The Change: Green List" as our Challenge progresses. We can watch it grow together!! Pretty exciting? I think so! ^_^

Little rules to follow...

It seems a bit redundant that I have to bother with some of these details, but here we go anyways...

*Be HONEST! Remember, Lying is Bad Karma. And no one should be lying when it comes to doing something good. 

*When posting your entries, be sure to give your full name with your entry (so there's no cheating by using multiple accounts to get more entries). If you don't want to share your name openly, send me an email through the ReLove website with your username and real name so I know who you are. 

*Please don't make these Green choices for a day or a week and then abandon them. Strive to Green your life and become part of the Change. It is incredibly rewarding! 

I have created this Challenge to give you some extra incentive, please be respectful in return in your honesty and efforts for Planet Earth. 

Need Ideas?

Not sure what you can do for the planet? Plenty! But if you truly can't think of anything or just need some new ideas, worry not, I've got you covered! 

As well as our "Be the Challenge: Green List" that you can use for reference...I will, of course, be taking up this challenge (don't worry, I can't enter the draw ~_^) and will be sharing my own Green Changes in weekly Blog posts for some extra encouragement and motivation.

So have fun and get involved! Start today! 

If you want to take up this Challenge please leave a comment and get others involved! 
There needs to be enough people taking part in this Challenge to be worth while! Also, if this is a success then I will be advancing the Challenge as it progresses, with  extra goodies to win! ~_^

Every day is a Gift. Accept it and return the Love. 

"Be the Change you wish to see in the World" ~Gandhi

Peace & Love,

If you found this article to be helpful, please consider a small donation or visit the shop. Thank you for your love and support.


  1. Hi Bianca! Awesome post! wow! So much I do to green my surroundings! If everyone recycled more our planet as a whole would benefit. I mean recycle ANYTHING. We can! ANYTHING! I try to make it my mission to recycle all I can. You know me, My kids bday's were recycled wrapped stuff~ I told everyone to package gifts in newspaper! They did!

  2. see and that's the kinda thing that people need to be doing more of! And I agree with you! Just about anything can be recycled when we put it to good use! Which is why I started the Re-Craft Project as well so I wasn't creating any more fabric waste. But its fun being Eco friendly! You get to be creative with it which is fun! :)

  3. Def. getting creative with it is fun! Plus, makes us feel good too! <3

    Didn't realize I was on my hubby's account and not mine last night! LOL! whooopsie!

  4. Science work isn't very recycle-friendly (lots of haz mats...), but I go out of my way to recycle as much of the packaging in the lab as I can :)

    There's a bunch of sterilized stuff we use, so I take the bags and cardboard they come in and walk alllllll the way across the building just to put it in the recycling bins (extra exercise!). I stick the plastic baggies in the plastic bottles container because it's the only plastic bin we have lol (but I've seen other people do it too!)

    And for some reason, the recycling pick-up here doesn't take glass--I guess for safety reasons--so I convinced my brother to drive it to the actual recycling center, even though it's in a sketchy part of town :x

    My mom and aunt even use the water from washing veggies and rice to water our plants! All of their own volition ^^ I was so proud hehe.

    Nice post :D It's totally easy to do even just one small thing a day to help the environment, I just wish more people realized it and went not-so-out-of-their-way to do it...

  5. vivbot, that's awesome that you still go out of your way for things that matter :) you've got the right attitude! :)


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