Tuesday, October 5, 2010

♥ ReLove Plan.et is officially launched! ♥

I am very happy to announce that the new ReLove Plan.et Website is officially up!! I know that it took a while, so thank you for your patience. Go check it out ~_^.

A little "forward"...

ReLove Plan.et (existing together) is a Mission, a Movement, a form of Inspiration and of Growth. It is a Goal and a Plan with lots going on. It is a joining together on the already growing movement to save Mother Earth and to save Ourselves. This is not something we can hope to accomplish divided. We must set aside our obsessive and compulsive need or desire to mindlessly consume. We must become Aware of our devastation upon the Planet. We must realize that if we fail to do this then we will Not Survive and neither will our planet. 

Our Governments and the heartless, greedy money-grabbing corporations behind the majority of all our pit-falls must be told No! It is time to use our voices in the democracy that we were given. 
We are the Consumer, so we also speak largely through our wallets. So make Eco choices. We must demand of our Governments an end to our dependancy on Oil. We must lead the demand for Renewable Resources and for Sustainable Solutions. We must make these demands before it is too late. Because these are demands to Live and to Survive. 

I'm not certain exactly why we are so slow in calling to action. It is any creatures' fundamental purpose to Survive. Yet are are killing ourselves and our home at a rapidly growing pace. We need to open our eyes and realize that Life is not about Consumerism and about Things. As David Suzuki enlightens; we must stop putting Economy above Ecology, because without Ecology we have no life and therefore no Economy anyway. All this obsession with Economy and on "Things" disconnects us from Nature, our home, and therefor from ourselves. You wonder why so many people are discontented or just plain depressed? We really don't need to look too far for the answer. 
Many people will miss out on the feeling of genuine, unreasonable Happiness. It is right in front of our grasp if only we chose to see it. Just sit, with Yourself, with Nature. There is no need to run around "getting things done" in our demanding society, giving in to the message that if you are not doing Something then you are wasting precious time. The point of life is to be Happy. That's it. If you're not enjoying life then it's time to re-evaluate your daily choices and lifestyle. You can't waste time, you can only Spend it. But you can choose to spend it wisely and happily. 

There is a growing urgency we are facing and it is certainly time to open our eyes. We WILL face the devastations of Global Warming and our impact on the Environment on a massive scale during our lifetime if we continue on like we are. Do you want a home left for your children and the generations to come? Then Wake up and become part of the Change! 

The Projects ReLove Plan.et takes on will be continually expanding and growing. So be sure to check back often and see what You can do to help!

Peace & Love,

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