Sunday, October 24, 2010

☆ World Go Vegan Week ☆

It's official! "World Go Vegan Week" starts today (October 24th) and goes through to October 31st! 

I challenge you all to go Vegan for the week. That's it, One week. If you can't do it then you're seriously not giving yourself any credit. It's easy, its fun, and for one week you can say that you did something amazing for animals ♥ 

Being Vegan is about love and compassion, and it is a sustainable and healthy way of eating and living. So you're helping Mother Earth as well as animals and as well as yourselves by participating in the week of Veganism.

Need a reason to give it a try?

Animal Cruelty: Most animals on your dinner plate are from Factory Farms. They endure excruciatingly painful lives, are chocked full of anti-biotics, growth-hormones, pesticides and other chemicals, and eventually endure an equally torturous and grotesque death. Is it really worth it? (Read more: Here!)

Your Health: Being Vegan is super healthy for you!! The Dairy industry has deep multi-million dollar advertising campaigns to convince you that dairy is actually healthy, you know all those ridiculous Milk commercials I'm talking about. The actual "Fact:" is that it ISN'T healthy for you at all. Dairy is linked to a horribly long list of diseases and health problems. As for meat, well, the carcass you ate last week is still rotting in your intestines. Not to mention your body can only absorb about half of the nutritional value actually in animal products. And when you eat meat your consuming all those hormones, pesticides, anti-biotics, etc. as well. (Read more: Here!)

The Environment: The meat and dairy industry have a devastating impact on the environment! Rainforests are leveled to raise cattle, factory farms pollute rivers and lakes, over-grazing erodes fertile land into arid desert, and vast quantities of energy and water are wasted to raise animals for food. A meat-eater riding a bike is more polluting than a vegan driving a hummer. Get the point? 

Take the pledge to go Vegan for the week:

Seriously, it's one week! You might be surprised by how much better you feel and how it's not as hard as everyone makes it out to be! 

Peace & Love,

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