Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday Favorites: "The Legacy" by David Suzuki

This Book is a MUST-READ for anyone and everyone!

It is so good that Cory, my sister, and myself all had it read in two to three days. You simply can't put it down! Cory (my husband) never reads, he prides himself that this is actually the first book he's ever Bought himself (lol), so that's saying something! 

David Suzuki is brilliant for so many reasons. His style of writing makes for an easy read, all while being incredibly informative, precise, and to the point. He pulls readers in with the urgent information he has to share and the realization we need to face regarding the tragedies we are inflicting on our home, Planet Earth. The information he provides is vital to our existence. He is upfront and honest. He is smart and wise. And he knows how to get his points across efficiently and effectively. 

"In his own lifetime, David Suzuki has witnessed an explosion of scientific knowledge as well as a huge change in our relationship with the planet — a tripling of the world's population, a greatly increased ecological footprint through the global economy, and a huge growth in technological capacity. These changes have had a dire effect on Earth's ecosystems and consequently on our own well-being.
To deal with this crisis, we must realize that the laws of nature have priority over the forces of economics and that the planet simply cannot sustain unfettered growth. We must also recognize the limits of scientific reductionism and the need to adopt a more holistic point of view. Perhaps most importantly, we must join together as a single species to respond to the problems we face. Suzuki ends by saying that change begins with each of us; all it takes is imagination and a faith in the inherent generosity of Mother Earth."

"The Legacy" is incredibly inspiring. If you must only read one book in your lifetime, this should be it. After reading it, you will WANT to help the Earth and will be given an insightful look on our society, our life, and our home (Earth).

Open your eyes. Read "The Legacy" and you will understand. 

Peace & Love,

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  1. I think I shall be adding it to my list of books to read!

  2. definitely do! Like I said, its so easy to read too! You'll have it done in a couple days for sure! :)


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