Thursday, October 21, 2010

☺ You are Who You Want to Be ☺

We don't give ourselves enough credit in our Life Choices. All of our life choices; from a simple what to eat for breakfast to resisting food addictions; from choosing what to do in school to our career choice; from impulsive buying to having money to do the things we actually enjoy; from choosing how we feel to Being Who we Are.

The bottom line is that we do have a Choice. And this last part is where I'm placing particular emphasis: We Choose Who We Are.

Why is this the point of emphasis? Because if you can consciously decide Who You Are, then it makes way for just about everything else you will choose or do in Life.

We choose, almost always deeply subconsciously and automatically, Who we Are. But the sad part is that we usually don't choose to Be Who we Want to Be. Why? I'm not entirely sure. Perhaps its largely society and media-based, with mixed messages everywhere you go and the overwhelming message that You Are What You Buy. Which couldn't detach you further from your True Self. Perhaps for others its self-doubt or pity, or an addiction to being miserable. It may sound strange, but lots of people are this way. We simply don't open our eyes and realize that, at the end of the day, and at the end of all the excuses, we can Choose. 

Before you can consciously Choose Who You Want to Be, you have to look at Who You Are at this moment. You may discover you like who you are. You may discover you dislike a few things about yourself. Or you may discover, like many, you don't really know yourself at all.

I remember in school, every so often an assignment of some sort would come up where you would have to describe Who You Are. I never had a clue. I never knew who I was. At all. I was this blank entity going through the daily routine of school and being plagued by the confusion of conformity and society and general teenage hormones. It wasn't until I had graduated and lived on my own that I truly began to discover Who I was, and later, Who I Wanted to Be. 

Back then, and a couple years following graduation, I hated myself. I was depressed. Suicidal at times. For years, I didn't like any aspect of myself. I'd pick myself apart regularly. I thought I was worthless, pathetic. Any negative thought I could have, I had. Not only that, but I dwelled on this negativity continuously. I remember listening to this one song in particular that I'd cry to and hate myself to a couple days a week. It was no wonder I was depressed for so long, I was literally teaching my Mind to hate myself. 

As I did more soul-searching I discovered the Real Me. I slowly uncovered a Happy me. I discovered a loving and compassionate self with an eagerness to learn and to help others. I discovered I had interests and hobbies. All of a sudden, I was learning and researching things on my own because I had a genuine interest in many many things. 
In school, it was so restricting that when suddenly you were given the freedom to write an essay on a topic of your choice, I was like a deer caught in the headlights. I never knew what to write about. I simply hadn't been given the opportunity to discover my own interests before this. Now, I have endless things to write and research about. This freedom that I gave myself allowed me to step out of our society and its set ways and discover what Life was all about. I was free. And, more importantly, I was free to be Me

Once you discover some things about yourself, again, you may find things that you may or may not like. But this is the point; you can Choose to continue having those characteristics, or you can Choose that they are not What you Want to Be. Everyone has "faults" so speak, and that's perfectly ok. Being aware of these "faults" means that we can learn from them. And we can learn to have them work for us rather than against us. We can grow from them. And we can Change them. 

It has taken me years to really know myself. But it is a journey, and it is a part of the beauty of life. If you are aware of the process it will move along much smoother. I had no idea the process I was going through, not until years later, after reading lots of amazing books, seeing a councilor, and setting my life straight. I suddenly realized one day that I Liked myself. This was a huge revelation for me, after years of self-loathe. This alone brought me a lot of Happiness, or perhaps it was the other way around, but either way I was Happy and I Liked myself. 
Some time shortly after this, I continued to be consciously aware of Who I Was. I believe it was in a book somewhere along the lines that I received the message that I had a Choice in Who I want to Be. And this revelation was even greater. Suddenly I had a Choice. I could be Who I Wanted to Be. It seemed so simple and obvious. I couldn't believe that I had never been aware of this before. 

It takes practice and it takes a lot of self-awareness, but it's worth every second of it. Remind yourself every day Who You Want to Be. Meditate on it. Repeat it in your head during a workout, or even in any daily routine. It will make you smile, it will bring you an incredibly light-feeling and freedom. You will realize that You can Choose to Smile. That you can Choose not to judge or discriminate. That you can Choose to be Nice to others. Choose to be Positive. Choose to be Compassionate. And Choose, ultimately, to be Happy.

And we can Choose to have Love in our Lives instead of pain and ordeals.

A Positive Mind brings Positive Results. The Happier and more Positive you are, the more you will receive that back into your life. It's contagious, in a beautiful amazing way. 

We are constantly Changing, despite human-nature to resist change. We are continually Changing Who we Are, and are constantly discovering more aspects of Who we Are. You can be someone different every day if you so Choose. But remember, the Choice is Yours. 

So five yourself some credit. Choose to Love Yourself. Choose to Be Happy. And Choose to Be Who You Want to Be. 

Peace and Love,

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  1. This is perfect :)
    I'm definitely going to have to link this from my tumblr today!

  2. aww thanks Beautiful :)
    glad you like it, always glad when something I write resonates with someone :)

  3. An absolutely wonderful and positive message. And a very pro-active and pro-choice one! I've believed in the fact that we need to act and work on what we want to be and do, and we can't just sit and hope for things to change or to improve, we have to be the change we want to happen!

  4. Beautifully said!

    ♥ C.A.

  5. Thanks for sharing the info, keep up the good work going....
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