Saturday, November 13, 2010

☺ Inspirational: 24 -- Reset ☺

I am hitting the Reset Button today in a manner of speaking. I am 24 today and the first several hours of it have been unfavoroable. And I think it's best to leave it at that. I don't want to dwell on negativities anymore. I have spent far too much of my life dwelling on negativities and being a miserable mess. I'm not completely discrediting myself. It hasn't been an easy road and there has certainly been trying circumstances. I have done well and am doing better. 

But I am absolutely done with it. If I am not smiling, laughing, and feeling genuinely Happy inside then the journey has no point. There is no destination in life. There is only a journey and that journey is simply this: Happiness.

I'm taking charge instead of allowing my Mind to run wild. It is my 24th Birthday and I have so much to be Thankful for.

I am the healthiest I have ever been in my life; emotionally, physically, and dietary. I Know who I am and Love who I am. My family may be crazy but I love them and feel connected to them. My friends may be in Edmonton but I do have Amazing, Loving, Close friends that are genuine. And my heart is finally open and welcoming to meet others and make new friends. I have a beautiful, cuddly, playful, affectionate kitten that is perfect for me. I know what I want and I strive for it--I finally have determination and a drive to Be and Do the things I want. I have accepted control over my Life. I have accepted control over my Self and my mood and emotions. I feel young and I finally don't care about my age. I am comfortable in my own skin. I make a difference and have inspired others in a positive way. I love that I can help others, it is an inexplainable warm feeling inside. I have a successful business in which I can stick to my standards, morals, and beliefs. I am happily married, in a relationship that seems to defy all those odds in today's world and continues to grow, flourish, and get better and better. 

Time to be a Happy, Loving, Smiling, Appreciative Person all the time. 

I got off the phone with my brother this morning and he made me smile. My birthday brunch has become more of a romantic date with just me and the hubby, and I am ok, no, Happy with that. Max (my brother) was so happy and up-beat that it helped turn my mood around. He is such an amazing awesome brother and person. He's great and I'm glad that I talked to him this morning. It was the perfect reminder of how easy it is to just smile, laugh, turn your mood around, and be deeply appreciative.

I do love my life. And I am going to continue to transform it into what I want it to be. I will live the life I choose, want, and dream. This Life is Mine. 

So, all of that being said....



Who am I? I am who I want to Be. Who I Choose to Be. I am Me.
Where am I? Here.
What time is it? Now. 
My expectations? None.
Love? Always. Unconditionally. Everything.
Life? Is Mine. I choose How to Live it. 
Experiences? Learn from and grow. Embrace, don't resist.
Happiness? Is Now. In the Present.
Emotions? I choose them. Let them flow, and then let them go.
Beauty? Is everywhere. In all of us. 
Gratitude? For everything and everyone.
Who am I? Happy. Here. Now. Loving. Grateful. Appreciative. Open. Honest. 

I am Me. I Love who I Am. I Love my Life. I am Happy.  

Peace & Love,

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  1. Perfect! My tattoo says "live the life you love" and I am doing just that! Happy Birthday Bianca! I hope you always Live the Life you Love! xoxoxo

  2. *hugs* The world needs more people like you... :) Thanks for inspiring me!!! x0x0

  3. Happy birthday Bianca! I'm sure you will continue to be happy and a source of inspiration for other around you and even far far away!

  4. aww thanks ladies :)

    Jackie, thats an awesome tattoo! :) I have "Questa Vita e la Mia" which means "This Life is Mine" :)

    Nicole, the world needs more people like You too xo

    Thanks Pili, I will definitely continue to be happy :) I'm glad that I've reached the point that I have. I think if nothing else I want people to know that it doesnt matter what you have been through in life, you can climb back out and be truly happy as well :)



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