Sunday, November 14, 2010

☯ What's in my Closet: Face Care ☯

So, still on the topic of facial care ;) ...

Seriously, try the tips in my last post, you will notice a world of difference on your skin!!

Now, what do I use on my face?

Face Care:

Terresentials Fragrance-free Organic Facial Toner and Lotion. These products are amazing and well worth the cost! A little goes a long way as well! I am crazy about the toner and the lotion, but for some reason not so much about the cleanser. I am honestly not sure why. But I do highly recommend trying their products! They even have a Fragrance-free Facial Care Sampler. Their products are some of the very best I have ever found, with certified organic ingredients and absolutely no harmful chemicals! Pure Win! ^_^

Herbolution's Organic Raspberry Face Scrub. I know I already mentioned this one, but I am again as it is part of my face care routine. It is my favorite cleanser that I have used, plus all of Herbolution's facial scrubs are superb! They work amazing! My face loves them!


I am currently using good but not great makeup for the most part :(. I am on the hunt for new ones to try and will be sure to share some better ones with you all as soon as I have actually tried them :).

I don't use cover-up or foundation really ever. At the moment I very occasionally use "Organic Wear" blush, and my skin almost always breaks out soon afterwards. I do not recommend it. Although it claims to be "all natural" it scores not so great over at Skin Deep.
I use Gabriel Color Black Mascara and Eyeliner. It is lower on the hazard scale but still not as clean as I'd like it to be, although I still highly recommend it over almost anything you can find in stores.
Eye Shadow is another that I am now on the hunt for new ones. I used to use Glittersniffer Cosmetics because they originally claimed to use good ingredients when they were on Etsy. They have a new website and there seems to be a change in their ingredient list that don't score very well at Skin Deep either--ingredients that I would personally avoid. It is too bad because they had some awesome colors that I loved. They are, however, Vegan and much better than your conventional eye shadows in stores. So, again, definitely choose them over most others.

I will do a new "what's in my closet" post once I have some new make up products that are up to my standards and that I would like to fully support. ;)

Peace & Love,

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  1. As for make up, I'd recommend you check Orglamix make up on Etsy, I'm not sure if all her products are vegan, but all are cruelty free and without bad chemicals, and of course, you must try Zombify cosmetics by our own Marycakes, and those ARE vegan!!

  2. I am a big fan of Mixology! I use their powder foundation and eyeshadows, and they are awesome!! Plus the girl that runs it, Rae, is super nice and helpful.

  3. Thanks for sharing ladies! I WILL check all of those out now :D

  4. The thing I'm noticing now is this:
    lots of the ingredients seemingly used in mineral makeup are a bit of a hazard because they're fine powders with a risk of inhalation. If inhaled they can cause respiratory problems and some cancers. Mica, Silica, Zinc, Titanium Dioxide are all included on this list. Particularly Silica seems to be a concern.
    I checked out Mixology on Skin Deep and they score anywhere from a 1-4. So not horrible by any means and they are a full member of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics which is neat. It mainly seems to be the Silica in their ingredients that raises their hazard level. Perhaps I will email them and find out more :)

    I've asked for an ingredient list from Orglamix and Marycakes ^_^ so waiting on that one :)


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