Wednesday, November 10, 2010

♥ Wednesday Favorites: Wish List! ♥

With Christmas on the way and my Birthday on the 13th, I thought a fun Wednesday Favorite Post would be a little "Wish List". 

I know I promote to not be so consumer-based, and I do fully stand by this. However, we all have our vices and we do like to treat ourselves every so often. 
So, that being said, here is what is currently on my Wish List...

Tattoos! I know, I already have lots but anyone who does can relate; they are addictive! I don't have a tattoo artist here and I don't have the money so for now I will have to save. But my next tattoo will be my left sleeve!! ^_^

IPad. These look so cool! I love the idea of having everything I need all in one! I love reading, but as an earth nut, I hate all that paper (so I usually buy second hand or new only if it is from recycled paper). One day I will have one of these haha. 

Vegan Ipaths. I've been on the hunt for Vegan Skate shoes and I found some that I am absolutely in love with!! These Ipaths are not only Vegan but they are Eco-friendly!!! Made from Hemp

WWF Adoptions, or Donations to my Birthday WishList  ~_^ I support this organization whole-heartedly, they do amazing work! 

Trips to Edmonton. I miss my friends there :( I've been trying to save up for making a trip up there. Alas, money is tight at the moment so it seems that it will have to wait, unless someone wants to drive me there or bring my friends to me ~_^

So, there's my little Wish list for now. What's on yours? ^_^ 

Peace & Love

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  1. Hi, it's me redfox from tumblr (, and actually I'm Carmen.

    i'm from november the 15th and I'm just saying that cause I have more tattoos on my wishlist as well!


  2. Nice wish list! I've been meaning to get three more tattoos forever, but I think it'll go on for a while!

    As for the rest, you really are an inspiration!

  3. Hi Carmen! :) I think I will always have tattoos on my wishlist lol

    Pili, which tattoos are u after? :) and thanks Beautiful xo


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