Wednesday, November 24, 2010

♥ Wednesday Favorites: Gifts that Give Back ♥

In light of the holiday season approaching, I have been pondering christmas presents--of course, because advertising has you thinking about Christmas so darn early ;p 

Last year, the hubby and I didn't really do Christmas Presents. Why? Because we aren't all for the "spend tons of money" consumerism side of the Holidays. We would rather do something special and appreciate the time spent with each other and loved ones. Isn't that was holidays should be about? 

Well, I am still buying Christmas presents for some people because not everyone has the same views that I have and it would be awefully rude to not get people presents. But it got me thinking, what can I buy but still keep to my views and not be so consumer based? Two answers: One, which is Buy Locally and Handmade--but I will be doing that wednesday favorites next week ;). This week; Gifts that give Back! ^_^ 

WWF Adoptions: You know by now how much I love WorldWildLife Fund, and I know I have mentioned this one before, but it is such a great gift idea! I mean, what better gift than to "adopt" a species?! There are over 100 species to choose from and each comes with a soft plush version of your adopted animal wrapped in a cloth WWF gift bag, a formal adoption certificate, a color photo of your species, and more, including a personalized letter to your lucky gift recipient. ^_^ What your adoption does is support WWF's global efforts to protect animals and their habitats and helps protect the future of nature. 

Adopt-A-Farm Animal Project: Farm Sanctuary is amazing! They work to protect farm animals from cruelty, inspire change in the way society views and treats farm animals, and promote compassionate vegan living. Their Adopt-A-Farm Animal Project is a way that you can get involved and help out. "Farm Sanctuary's shelter animals are in need of loving "parents" to sponsor their monthly feed, shelter and veterinary care costs. By participating in the Adopt-A-Farm Animal Project, you help provide the necessary support to care for a rescued farm animal and defend all farm animals against cruelty." 
Much better idea than "things" for the holidays, right? ^_^ 

David Suzuki's Wish List: Over at the David Suzuki Foundation there is yet another great way to give back this holiday season AND be creative while doing so! There are several neat ideas and projects to choose from, including a "lump of coal", except this one isn't a "naughty friend" idea anymore, it support a brighter energy future that uses clean, renewable power instead of fossil fuels like coal. Or there's things like the "Critter Passport", "Green Key", "Planet Prescription", and more. 
"David Suzuki’s Wish List helps to protect nature in Canada. These symbolic gifts are unique, meaningful, and help us protect the diversity of nature and our quality of life on Earth, now and for the future. Donate to a project in honour of your loved one, and send an e-card saying the gift will support what really matters: a healthy, happy environment. It’s a present that lasts the whole year long!"

There are plenty of ways you can give back to the earth this holiday season so keep that in mind. And don't forget to wrap presents in reusable bags or newspaper or other creative recycling ideas! ~_^ 

Got any Christmas gift ideas that You might choose this Holiday season that give back? Do share with the rest of us!

Peace & Love

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  1. Those are really lovely ideas! And a big inspiration as usual!


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