Monday, November 29, 2010

☺ Inspirational: See through Your Eyes ☺

We have these two beautiful eyes on our faces and this wonderful gift called Sight, yet we wander through life quite blindly. 
We can walk along the same street every day and never even notice the beauty amongst it. The architect of a building, the trees along the roadside, the faces of the people we pass by. 

The truth is, we take our eyes for granted. We take the world around us for granted. 
Try opening your eyes, try really looking through them. Pay attention to all of the little details. Take it all in as if you've never seen it before in your life. In a sense, you haven't seen it before in your life. 
Try looking at everything with a child-like sense of awe and wonder. 

The scene is always the same, never changing, and yet things change around it, and so will your perception. The Beauty has always been there. It's a matter of Choosing to see the beauty that exists around us. Of opening our eyes to it, of breathing it in, and appreciating it. 

By looking at the world this way we reawaken a sense of Gratitude. It becomes a sense of newness, of discovery, a fresh new outlook. It deepens Appreciation and awakens a deeper sense of Self-awareness as well. Paying attention to all the details, sipping it all in, also helps return us to the Now. It helps us just Be--the happiest and simplest principle of living, of our Being

You'll be amazed by what you'll see and what you'll discover in what seem like ordinary places. Places that you pass every day without notice. 

Life is full of Beauty. Notice it. Notice the sights and the feeling and the smells. The smell of fresh rain. The wind on your face. The sight of a caterpillar. Live your life to the fullest by seeing what is around you. Choose to not walk blindly. Choose to walk with awakened senses.  

Open your eyes and take in the Beauty of the world around you. Appreciate. See through your Eyes. Just Be.  

Peace & Love,

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  1. As always, wonderful words Bianca! If only we bothered to look and actually SEE more often!


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