Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Making the Connection: You Are What You Eat.

It is ridiculous that our eating habits have become what they are. Most of us eat food almost completely void of Nutritional value. Most of us no longer prepare our own food from scratch. And even worse, most of us don't even know what it is we are eating at all.
All the while, we wonder why we are unhealthy. We wonder why we can't have or maintain a healthy body weight. We wonder why we're tired all the time. Why we get sick all the time. Why our stomachs never feel quite right. Why we have pimples. Why we have headaches. And we'll place the blame everywhere we can possibly think of before looking at our dinner plates. But that is the answer right there; FOOD!

Again, most of us can hardly really say what we eat is even Food anymore, it's any wonder we can actually even function.

That aside, if your diet resembles any of the following, it may be time to rethink your eating habits...

Do you eat white bread and/or other white flour products? White rice? White sugar? All of these have been stripped of their nutrition in a highly unnatural refining process. 
Do you drink coffee every day? Or worse, several cups a day? 
Do you eat pre-packaged meals and foods? How about fast foods? Potato chips and candy? Consume dairy and meat every single day? Drink alcohol every weekend? 
Do you get fiver servings of fruits and veggies every day? Do you drink 8 glasses of water a day? 

It's time to wake up and make the connection; You are what you Eat! Filling your body with all this crap will catch up with you. It already is but most of you won't admit it. It will also suck away your energy and leave you unhappy, moody, and feeling "blah". 

If you say you can't change you diet or that it's too hard, suck it up princess. How do you even know if you won't try? 
You don't have to starve yourself. You don't have to sacrifice yummy tasting food. You don;t even have to give up treats. You just have to switch your diet around, get adventurous, try new things, and give your taste buds a chance to return to normal. Give those taste buds the time to let go of addictive msg and other food additives that trick your brain into believing all that junk tastes good. Because once you stop eating that stuff, you will soon realize that it really doesn't taste good at all!

So make the connection. If you want to be happy, healthy, and have your energy back, then change your diet. Remember, a happy tummy is a happy mind and self. 

You are what you eat. 
Wake up and smell...steer clear of the coffee. ;)

Peace & Love,

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  2. I recently changed my diet! no beef, no pork!
    since then I have been feeling great and in the best shape in my life!
    I like your blog!

  3. I use Agave Nectar instead of other sugars and I notice a huge difference. I also have organic cane sugar every so often, but I know that one can sometimes upset people too.
    But yeah, the north american food system is terrible! its easier when you live somewhere because u figure out where you can or cant eat. I'm Vegan and Gluten-free which can present challenges. But I say if I can manage on that much strictness in my diet than anyone should be able to cut out the easier ones as described above.

    also, if you're going to have alcohol, a little red wine is your best choice.

    cutting out meat in general for me was a huge change, but even before i was vegetarian and then vegan, I'd rarely eat red meat because it sat sooo badly in my stomach :p so I can imagine that makes a big difference for you Kei.tkym
    and thanks :)

  4. I actually bought some Agave Nectar last week on your recommendation, and treated myself to a cup of hot sweet tea for the first time since I can remember :)

    I'm actually excited for having some porrige soon so that I can put it on that!

  5. yayy glad u like it! its such a great replacer and its good for you too :D its much sweeter than sugar so careful not to overdue it haha ;)


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