Friday, November 12, 2010

☆ What's Going On: Face Care ☆

The topic of facial care has come up a lot lately, so this post is a bit of a double-sided one. Which is good, right? ;)

Firstly, I hear a lot of complaints about bad skin complexion, breakouts, etc. Now, I have to be completely honest here, I have pretty good skin, and have been fortunate enough that it's pretty much always been this way. However, that does not mean that I don't have advice or pointers to share. I can tell you what I have heard from others and what I have learned myself. 

I am not sure if my skin is good because I am just lucky or because I truly do take care of it. Or quite likely a lot of both. I eat very well and have never eaten a lot of greasy foods or junk food or high amounts of sugar. I have almost Never worn cover-up or blush or any kind of make up on my face (I'm not talking about eye shadows or mascara), even when I first started wearing make up back as a teenager. I use all natural cleansers and lotions on my face as well, which I KNOW is a huge helper for ANYONE. 

So, that being said, here are my recommendations...

Don't put chemicals on your skin! I'm talking about your whole facial routine here. What you clean, tone, moisturize, and put on your face for make up all have an effect. All those chemicals add up and act like a toxin in your pores. It's really no wonder so many people have problematic skin when we are basically polluting it with our "beauty" products. I have posted previously about how horrible most beauty products are out there (Dying to Be Beautiful) so I don't need to go any deeper into that; they're full of chemicals, read ingredients! 
When you stop using all those chemicals, your skin may get worse before it gets better. Why? Because it finally gets to detox. Just like when you do a cleanse for your body, it can be a bit rough for a few days. But once your skin is able to detox it will almost definitely get better. 
From this point on, only use truly natural cleansers. Again, Read Labels! Don't just pick up anything that says "organic" or "natural" because that's not always the case (again, you can read more HERE). 

Let Your Skin Breathe! Even if you are using natural makeup, it's good to allow your skin to actually breathe and be completely free of makeup. When you sleep is an obvious one, but you should also give yourself days through the week where you are makeup free, especially when it comes to cover-up and foundation. 

Eat Well! People for some reason don't always make the connection between our skin and our diets but they are so closely connected, as everything with our bodies is. Eating crap all day acts as just another "polluter" to your body which, basically, leaks those toxins back out through your skin. Lots of sugar, greasy junk foods, processed foods (as they are packed with preservatives), and a lack of fresh vegetables and fruits can all be huge factors in your skin's appearance. Your diet should be high in fibre, fresh fruits and vegetables, and other essential vitamins. Omegas can be great for your skin as well.
Also, drink lots of water! It helps to cleanse your body and therefor your skin! :)  

Environmental Polluters. Ok, so this one may be harder to avoid. Depending where you live can make a huge difference on your skin's appearance. Live in a big city with lots of pollution? Chances are you're going to have a harder time keeping your skin at it's best. But that doesn't mean you can't do all of the above. 

Tap Water. This is likely the biggest one that is over-looked, but the water you clean your face in can make a difference if you have super sensitive skin. We'd like to think that all of our water is good and clean, but the truth is not pretty. The majority of municipalities add Chlorine and Fluoride, while the water also contains other contaminants that end up in our drains (such as PCBs, THMs, heavy metals). A water filter added to your tap can make a difference. We have one on our shower-head which is nice for at least the longest period I spend submerged under water. 

Simple pointers that can make a HUGE difference, especially the first three tips. Try them! You may be pleasantly surprised. ~_^

Peace & Love,

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  1. Some fabulous tips! I've always battled with bad skin - was on prescription acne meds as a teen. After a few months, I just didn't respond to them anymore. It's pretty terrifying to think of all the harsh chemicals involved and what that did long-term to my body.
    I was inspired by your blog post a few days ago about Herbaloution - just purchased some cleansing grains, toner, and serum. It will be interesting to see how a 100% natural, organic facial routine will affect my skin! Definitely looking forward to it.

  2. Always great ideas!
    I've always had pretty good skin, and since I've started using more natural skin care, it's got even better!

  3. Great tips! Never thought of water and how that can affect out skin...I'm off to check out Herbaloution!


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