Saturday, November 20, 2010

☯ What's in my Closet: Vegan Knits!! ☯

Yesterday, I blogged about the horrors of the Wool Industry, how it is Completely and far too often overlooked and why you should stay clear. 

Today is a follow up to show that you don't have to sacrifice awesome fashion to be Wool-free. 

In case you got the wrong idea from yesterday's post. I LOVE knits! I think they look awesome and I think the art behind making them is wondorous. But you seriously don't have to use or buy wool. Period. 

I made the effort to find the very best knits I could. Totally fashionable and will totally rock your socks...or arms or head ~_^
Remember, the ethical standards for these items is important to me, no mass-production on My list! So, Etsy seemed like the best place to find my lovely Birthday presents to myself

These are not only Vegan but they are also Eco-Friendly! Hand crocheted made using soft acrylic/polyester eco friendly yarn made from recycled plastic bottles. Beautiful slouch fit, super cozy and the color is so vibrant! Plus if Purple isn't your thing, there are lots more colors to choose from! She has lots of other fun items worth snooping through her shop for! Oh, and she is suuuper sweet! ^_^

Striped Button Up Crochet Armwarmers by Captain Apricot: I am totally in love with these! Made from Vegan yarn, they are super comfy, cozy warm, and look amazing! She uses lots of recycled materials for her creations as well and her shop is sooo worth checking out! These arm-warmers are totally unique. I love the buttons and stripes (which I requested as a custom order ^_^). 

See? Proof that you don't have to sacrifice groovy knits for animal welfare ^_^

Peace & Love,

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  1. I don't know who's or the lamb... :)

  2. one day I will have a photo of Me WITH a lamb. :) I'm soooo gonna come visit u one day soon and we can go to the Farm Sanctuary together!!! :D xo


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