Monday, February 20, 2012

☺ Motivational Mondays: 7 Ways to De-Stress! ☺

This week's Motivational Mondays post has something a little extra special! 

7 Ways to DeStress! :)

Go for a Walk! Getting outside and getting your body moving is actually one of the best ways to unwind that stress. It's especially beneficial if your walk is surrounded by greenery (and fresh air). Allow your mind to clear and to get your body moving. 
Get extra Sleep… Sometimes we get more easily stressed when we are exhausted and sleep deprived. Sleep will do your body and mind a world of wonder. If you're lacking sleep then be sure to get more and try to have a somewhat regular sleeping time. Don't oversleep either. Every so often is fine, or power napping during the day, but if you oversleep every morning then you will probably find your body and mind extra sleepy.   
Breathe! Breathing is essential to life. Without it you would die (inspired by the see silly John Lavoie youtube video ;p). But in all seriousness, we tend to hold our breath when we are stressed out. We also tend to breathe into our hearts instead of our stomachs. Practice breathing into your stomach more and practice taking slow deep breaths. Taking a couple minutes a day just to breathe can really help to settle a foggy mind and clear out some of that stress--and prevent it from arising in the first place. 
Drink lots of Water! Remember that your mind and body are directly connected, when one is out of balance then so is the other. Water clears out toxins and bad stuff that could be clogging up your digestive track and fogging up your mind. Getting enough water in a day is important for your body's health and therefor your mind's health as well. Water will also help feed the brain more oxygen. Water water!  
Music & Dance time! You all know this is one of my favourite all-time activities. ;) Turn up some positive beats and get that body moving. Even if it's a 5-minute dance break, it will help to get some good vibes flowing, clear your head, reset, and feed your soul.   
Do Yoga!  There's rarely a time I can't take a yoga class and feel absolutely blissful afterwards. Getting down to the mat and practicing yoga is not just a form of exercise for the body, it teaches you about the muscles in your body you didn't even know existed. It also teaches you to breathe properly (ah-ha, breathing again! ;)).   
Give your Health a Boost… If you've had a highly stressful event recently take place, suffered from depression, or are chronically stressed out, try an herbal remedy (not turning to medical anti-depressants). Things like St. John's Wort, 5-htp, or SAM-e are great herbal options (be careful of St John's Wort if you're on birth control pills). Also it's a great idea to include omega fatty acids and superfoods like Maca into your diet (see my smoothie recipe here) which rebuilds the adrenal gland and reduces stress.   

Have a beautiful and blissful week! Create a Nice Day! xo


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