Saturday, February 18, 2012

☺ WINNER of the Herbolution Giveaway! ☺

After tallying up all the entries a new number has been selected as the winner through a random number generator. 
(New winner selected through the random generator due to no response by the first winner.)

Congratulations to Nicole Eyescream!! You've been emailed to claim your prize! :)  

A big huge thank you to everyone who entered! And to Herbolution for hosting this amazing Giveaway! xo
And for all those who didn't win, you deserve to treat yourself to some fabulous new products anyway so if you haven't yet, hop over to Herbolution and buy yourself a treat. ;)  

Thanks again! 


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  1. Congrats!!
    I have a couple coupons to share with friends as well, so if anyone wants to try them out, I can give you a coupon code to use ;) I have 2 coupons for 10% off! Willing to share :)

  2. Holy crap!!! Yayyyyy!!! I'm so excited, I love their stuff so much!!
    (I still have coupons for anyone to use!)

    Thanks Herbolution & ReLove!!! :) :)


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