Friday, February 3, 2012

☺ "This is the Best Day of your Life!" ☺

You hear the expression often enough, especially on birthdays; "hope it's the best birthday ever!"
This got me thinking, Every Day should be the best day ever! 
And why not? Going back to the "Here & Now" mentality, the present moment is all we really have, so make the best of it. There shouldn't be one single day that you can relate to as being the "best day of your life." They all should be wonderful and amazing. I'm a deep believer in having no regrets in life--and that means not regretting any of your decisions in life either--so you should be able to look back at your life and say "this is the Best Life ever!" And remember that if it doesn't feel that way then it is up to you to make it so.  
Embrace each moment, grasp every opportunity. Enjoy it! Live the life you dream. Live the life that makes You Happy. Take each and every day and make it the Best one. There is no single greatest moment, life is a collection of all those moments that make up your life, and they are special and wonderful in their own unique way. We don't live so we can have One great day. We live so that we can have one great Life! Every Day!
Remember, we choose Who we are and we choose what our lives are. Don't limit yourself. Don't put things off for another day or time. Be. And grasp each day. Don't allow yourself to have an entirely "off day." Yes, absolutely allow yourself to feel sadness or anger if you need to, but let it go instead of carrying out through the rest of your day. Pick up that positive attitude and make the rest of the day amazing. Make it the best damn day ever! Make each day memorable and grand. Because they are, in their own special unique way. Events and feelings in our lives lead us up to other things, winding the fabric of your life, intertwining it with all the other vibrations and events of the world. You just have to learn to love, embrace, and appreciate all the simple things around you, big or small. Appreciate them and you will learn to see beauty and wonder in every day life. Learn to see how beautiful each moment, event, and feeling can be. Allow these things to enhance your life and your every day experiences. 
Every morning, we wake up and start our day anew. Every day is like a restart button in which you can do all the things you want to do. Every day, even every moment, can be a second chance, a new breath, a new outlook, a new experience. 
So enjoy it all. And make every day the best of your Life! 


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  1. We were talking about this today with my friends from uni, and how we want to make the most out of life, and make sure we do something we love, and take the chances we need to, and not allow ourselves to be unhappy in something we don't want...

  2. that's a great attitude to have! And totally achievable! I think so many people just "settle" on jobs and lifestyles they don't actually enjoy just because they don't believe that they can actually have the life they want.


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