Wednesday, February 1, 2012

♥ Pre-Order Oversized Sweater ♥

I thought it might be easier to share the pre-order information in a blogpost as opposed to on my Facebook page. ;)


These are sooo comfy and cozy, inspired by the awesome Alternative Apparel sweaters (the same ones Vaute Couture prints on!). 
Details: made from 100% Organic Cotton Sweatshirt Fleece Fabric in a slouch sweater cut with front pocket. (super super soft and comfy!!)
(for more photos click Here!)
$64.00 (+shipping)

Sweater Pre-Order Deposit

This is for Pre-Ordering, which requires a $10.00 deposit (the other $54.00 can be paid later or you can pay in full now if you prefer, whichever is up to you).

Ordering Options: 
Colours: Black, Purple, Red, Navy, or Teal. 
Sizes: my standard small, medium, and larges. I make them fit oversized and roomy, if you want them a bit smaller then let me know. ;)
SilkScreen Prints: "Be Yourself", "Optimist", "Too Cute to Eat", "Flesh is for Zombies", "Chainsaw Panda", or "Kitty Eyemmms".

Fabric only takes about a week for me to get in, but I need enough orders of these to make the initial order. I will be making the order on February 5th so make sure you get me your pre-orders before then! ;) 

To place your Pre-Order: email with your Order Selection (choose from the "Order Options" above (photos below)) and use the paypal button above. 

Order Selection:

Measures: Length- approx. 24" 
Small: Bust- 31-34" Waist- 23-26" 
Medium: Bust- 35-38" Waist-27-30"
Large: Bust- 39-41" Waist- 31-33"


SilkScreen Prints:


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