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☺ Jar full of Happiness ☺

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{New Year Inspirational Kick-Off!}
 Kicking off this new year only feels right to be boasting with enthusiasm and inspirational to get things running all the more smoothly, so, I welcome you to the New Year Inspirational Kick-Off! The next several days will be dedicated to sharing fun projects and resources you can use to keep your own life bustling with gratitude and awesomeness.
New Year Positive Power! Huzzah!
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Today's New Year Kick-Off post involves recycling an idea from last year. Remember the "Jar Full of Happiness"? 
If this is your first time hearing about it, or if you didn't do it last year, then this is your year to take part! 
I kept my jar throughout the year and made sure to write something down as often as I remembered. While entering something every single day (or several a day) was my goal, I admit that some days I would forget. This year, I am really going to make sure I write something down every single day! 
The reason I really encourage you to make your own jar is because the practice is so easy and yet so profound; and it is something you can do every day with very little effort that will instantly lift your mood. 
Having practiced this through 2013, I can tell you that when you empty your jar at the end of the year, it is so inspiring and it truly makes you realize how blessed and wonderful your life really is. The extreme power of this practice is, definitely, the ability to look back at the year and realize how amazing it truly was. The more gratitude you can have for the life you already have and for your past; teaching you to really love your life when you look back on all those beautiful moments you may have forgotten.  the more greatness you allow to enter your life in the present and future. 

Enjoy and, above all else, you Must do it, and have fun doing it! This is Such a wonderful practice! And what better way to add extra gratitude in your life than this? You will start to notice all the beautiful and positive moments and things in your life and increase your appreciation so much deeper. 
Yup, you heard me, this isn't an option, this is a Must for your New Year. After all, you're all Happy ReLove Warriors right? Right! Okay! Without further ado…

Jar Full of Happiness

So! The image is pretty self-explanatory: 
  1. Repurpose an empty glass Jar.
  2. Decorate it all cute and magical (make the jar your own ;)) 
  3. Write down good things that happen to you on little pieces of paper. 
  4. Add notes to the jar throughout the year. 
  5. On December 31st, empty the jar and read about all the amazing things that happened to you in 2013! 

Here's Why I want you to do it and my little twist on it… 
Why? Because it's a way for you to really appreciate all the little and big moments throughout the year. You will be putting in the conscious effort of writing these things down and adding them to your lovely little jar. By doing this you are expressing Gratitude, and Gratitude is one of the single biggest things you can do to improve your life. This activity will help to switch your brain onto the positive and you will be seeking out more and more positive things to add to your jar. 
What should you be Writing Down? My rule is to not be shy with this; try to add as many as you can, no matter how small the moment may be, write it down, appreciate it, be grateful for it. Write down surprise gifts, accomplishments, adventures, moments that made you laugh, daily blessings, cherished memories, acts of kindness, things you're particularly grateful for, things you manifested. Any good things that happen to you or you witness or you are a part of, jot them down and add them to your jar!   
My added twist? Don't wait until December 31st to read them. I'm not talking about emptying out the entire jar, But, taking out one or two and reading them when you're feeling down can be one of your "secret shifters" (things you turn to to uplift your mood when you're feeling down) to get yourself back on track and focussing on the positive. I think it's also valuable to try to write one down every day, like I said earlier, appreciating any moment big or small is invaluable and will boost your positive outlook on life. You'll start to see all the things that you have to be grateful for around you.    

Above all else, have fun with it! Make your New Year Magical and filled with positive experiences! :)  


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