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❀ The Good News ❀

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Stop watching the News on T.V. filled with lies, propaganda, and made to make you feel helpless and afraid.

With all the negative news in the world, it's time to give you hope and inspiration. It's time to the weekly Good News! 
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Lots to catch up on! I'll be filling in all the awesome news we've missed over the next couple of weeks! ;) 

Victory! Canada’s Iconic Prairie Bird Receives Emergency Protection 
Nature Canada joined several conservation groups in applauding the federal government’s issuing of an emergency order to protect the Greater Sage-Grouse, a prairie-dwelling bird that is on the brink of extinction in Canada. This marks the first time an emergency order has ever been issued by the federal government to protect an endangered species.
Nature Canada conservation and legal experts were pleased to note that the emergency order may stop harmful new oil and gas developments in sensitive areas of Sage-Grouse habitat. All told, the order applies to approximately 1,700 square kilometers of land in Alberta and Saskatchewan, protecting the affected areas from many kinds of harmful construction.

International Leaders Make Commitments to Help Polar Bears
Thanks to the over 42,000 WWF supporters who spoke up for polar bears, arctic nations heard that polar bears are worth protecting. These messages of support for conservation were delivered at a high-level meeting on polar bears this month where impressive commitments for tackling threats to bears were made--including a commitment toward identifying important habitats and protected areas for polar bears. WWF welcomes these new promises and will continue our efforts to hold the arctic nations accountable and ensure progress is made.

Huge Victory! Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger Halt Angora Products ‏
We are pleased to announce that after discussions with PETA, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger—and all other retailers owned by PVH Corp.—are banning and pulling from their shelves any products made with angora!
These companies join H&M, New Look, Esprit and ACNE that have stopped manufacturing angora products because of animal welfare concerns. The combined impact of people's voices are collecting and gaining huge momentum, let's keep it up! 

More Good News for Rabbits: Gap Update
Gap--which also owns Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Athleta--has announced that it is suspending placement of orders using angora and investigating further. PETA welcomes this step, with the stipulation that it should lead to a ban so that rabbits and consumers can breathe easy again. 
Please help make sure that Gap goes all the way by writing—and also encouraging everyone you know to write—to urge the company to BAN angora NOW!

Victory! NYC Airports Stop Killing Snowy Owls
An unusually large influx of snowy owls in the Northeast this winter has attracted them to airports, leading to safety concerns among aviation officials and the quick addition of snowy owls to the list of birds that airports can legally kill, complete with orders to shoot them on sight.
Media reports about snowy owls being added to the kill list, which was followed by the news of three being shot at JFK led to outcry from the public and organizations, including Friends of Animals (FoA), Goose Watch NYC, Audubon New York and New York City Audubon, among others. A Care2 petition urging the Port Authority to cease fire gathered more than 63,000 signatures.
Fortunately for the owls, public pressure seems to have paid off. Following media reports and objections to its plans, the Port Authority quickly backtracked and issued a statement saying that it will stop killing owls and adopt non-lethal alternatives.

Blind man who fell on New York subway tracks: 'guide dog saved my life
This heart-warming story is one to read in full, so I'll share the link below and tell you to go read this miraculous and heroic story of guide dog Orlando, a black Labrador retriever, who bravely leapt on to the tracks at a Manhattan subway platform on Tuesday after his blind owner lost consciousness and tumbled in front of an oncoming train.   

Northern Ireland Gives Gay Couples an Early Christmas Present
Northern Ireland has lifted its ban on gay couples adopting, a massive step toward equality that could also help in Northern Ireland’s marriage equality fight.
The ban was officially lifted on December 11. It prevented same-sex and opposite sex unmarried couples from adopting. As same-sex couples cannot yet marry in Northern Ireland, this was a de facto ban on same-sex couples adopting even if they were in a legally recognized civil partnership.
In June, the Court of Appeal upheld a decision by the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission finding that the ban breaches European human rights laws.

HUGE Victory! PA Supreme Court Says State Can't Force Fracking on Local Communities
Pennsylvania Supreme Court made a 4-2 decision yesterday declaring the zoning provisions of Act 13 unconstitutional.
The court has ruled on the side of communities’ rights to stand up to big oil and gas companies who want to frack in their backyards against their will. A state law called Act 13 had stripped these rights—no doubt at the behest of industry itself. But seven communities in Pennsylvania took them to court to reclaim the right to use their traditional zoning powers to determine how fracking moves forward within their own borders. And now, against David and Goliath odds, Pennsylvania’s communities have won. 

Win! New York City bans Styrofoam
New York's City Council voted unanimously to ban the use of polystyrene (Styrofoam) containers yesterday. New York is now the largest U.S. city to implement such a ban on single-use foam containers.
Mayor Michael Bloomberg is expected to sign the bill into law before leaving office at the end of the year.

Terminator Seeds Approval Delayed in Brazil
On behalf of the seed saving farmers that USC Canada works with around the world, I would like to express our sincere thanks to all those who raised their voices against Terminator seeds. Faced with an overwhelming international response, Brazil has once again delayed its move to approve the risky Terminator technology.
Wondering what Terminator Seeds are? Terminator seeds (known scientifically as Genetic Use Restriction Technologies, or GURTs) are seeds that are genetically engineered to produce plants that are sterile. These plants produce seed that is unusable for replanting after the first harvest, meaning farmers have to buy new seeds from a central supplier every year. The technology has always been controversial and a United Nations international ban was agreed upon in 2000. But as we've seen, Brazil seemed willing to break this moratorium. Thankfully, people from around the world spoke out!

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