Thursday, January 16, 2014

☺ Dear Life: Am I Making the Right Choice? ☺

Dear Life, oh wonderful sweet life; you are fantabulous, fun, thrilling, and so full of surprises, but… am I making the right decision?

Have you ever wished that life had a magical "Am I Making the Right Choice?" button? 

I'm sure we all do. And I'm sure we find ourselves asking this question all too often. Why, this question would not become today's topic if it had not been for myself and best friend discussing this very matter over tea yesterday afternoon. The truth is, we all, at some point or another, wonder if what we are doing is the best thing for us. Life can be so tricky, we can feel so comfortable and secure in our current situation, and yet crave an adventure, a change, a something. Our hearts can be torn with distress over making big decisions. And in that moment of uncertainty, as your heart feels torn, wishing you could live two lives, or three lives, or four lives, or… you get the point… you wonder if what you are doing is the right choice. Is that thing, that change, you're longing for a better option? Will it lead you to personal fulfillment and happiness? Or will it unravel and not be as great as you thought? 

So, where is the "Am I making the right choice?" button?  

To answer this, I think we have to take a step back and really look into a few of the mentalities and reasons we feel pressured by this question and Why we ask this question in the first place. 

What is Happiness? 
The biggest wonder with making a decision is whether or not you will be happier after making that decision. So, what is happiness? Happiness is a state of mind, a state of being. Happiness is, ultimately, a choice. In which case, no matter what decision you make, you can Choose to be Happy. Sure, that decision to make a change may bring immediate bliss and prosperity into your life, or it may feel like a tempest storm wrecking havoc over your world. But, you know how it goes, you can choose to sulk and get wet, or you can choose to dance in the rain and enjoy the storm. Life always has a choice, and happiness is the most ultimate choice you will always get to make. Life is what you make it. So, in this case, is there such thing as a right or wrong decision?

Is there such thing as right or wrong? 
Everyone's perception is different, but, ultimately, there is absolutely no such thing as a "right" or "wrong" decision. Just like Happiness, your perspective with action and decision depend on your own attitude. People may call certain choices "mistakes", but, really, these are mere pitfalls or bumps in which we can learn valuable lessons. In that supposed "mistake", we can decide whether to not a certain decision felt beneficial and is something we want to repeat, or if it's something we never want to do again. Either way, you have learned something, discovered a new part of yourself, and walked away stronger and with deeper insight; either way, the choice was valuable. In which case: there are no mistakes. Because you get to choose what you take away from said-mistake and learn a valuable lesson, there are only lessons and experiences. 
It's better to take risks, to try new things, and to live a little than to be afraid of making the "wrong" choice. Sure, life has no "erase" button either, but at the end of each and every day you have only your mind, your happiness, and your decision to live an awesome life. Living in constant wonder is no better than playing it safe and not taking a chance. Would you rather live your life full of regrets for the things you did, or didn't do? Wouldn't you rather know? Wouldn't you rather take a chance? You only live once. And people do regret the things they don't do, over the things they did. Because, to reiterate, there can be no regrets when you decide there was no "mistake"; you will always have the choice to be happy, to smile, and to keep a fascinating and fun adventure. That choice is always yours. Life is an adventure! Choose to enjoy it!

But, is this Decision Better than my Last Situation?
The final reason we can feel so torn about decisions is because, at the end of it all, we wonder which choice is Best. Not to sound redundant now, but, going by the fact that "Attitude is Everything", and "Life is What you Make It", then the "best" situation is like asking the same question of whether or not something is right or wrong, is it not? Life truly truly is what you make it. So, whatever choice you make is the Right and the Best choice, if You choose it to be so. If you are going to make a new choice in your life, no matter how small or greatly drastic, if you want it to be the Better choice, then all you have to do is decide for yourself that it Is the better choice. Commit to that choice with all your heart, with all your love, with all your passion, and have faith that, whatever you choose, it Is the Best choice. 

So… what about that Button?
Deciding that life is whatever we make it, we can safely conclude that there is no such thing as a right or wrong decision. And if there is no right or wrong decision, no matter what you choose to do in life, You can choose it to be the right one. 
Therefore, the "am I making the right choice" button all lies with your own attitude. 
At the end of the day, You get to choose how awesome and fulfilling your life is. Things, experiences, decisions, they are all trivial parts of your life, the thing that matters the most is your Attitude: how you choose to see the world; if you choose to smile and make the most of each and every experience. This is the Only way to live life to its fullest, and this is where you will find Happiness and Bliss, and Power and Confidence over every choice you make. All the rest, all those decisions, are all up to you. You can't blame anything else around you, you can only blame yourself, so instead of blaming, choose to Thank your self; because, you are Choosing to Live a Damn Awesome Life! 


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