Saturday, January 11, 2014

{Intentions for 2014}

We're already over a week into this beautiful brand new year! How exciting! I hope that you are in the action phase of your life and really taking the wheel of your own happiness and making magic happen in your life. I know I am! And if you've been struggling then I highly recommend you check back through all the posts of the New Year Kick-off I've been doing every day here at ReLove; a ton of inspiration and practices and recommendations that can transform your life and give you back the power of your happiness! 

It's already been an exciting year for me, I feel supercharged! I feel in control again! I feel ready to tackle this wondrous year, make it my own, and pursue all my dreams and passions without anything to hold me back. 
I've written before that I'm not much for New Year's "Resolutions", because I feel the term has been washed over with people half-assed setting themselves up with goals and failures to these goals because their heart isn't really in it. Instead, I use the term "Intentions" because I feel it is more forgiving and also puts you in control. Intentions are things we want, but things that do not happen without action; therefor, any intention must be followed by action. Even if that action is getting your life on track (with happiness and balance) so that everything else in your life can flow more smoothly and those Intentions may be fulfilled. 
So! I thought it would be fun to share the list I wrote on New Year's eve for my Intentions for 2014. Please note, these are greatly simplified with sharing my list, my written list is much more in depth--which I recommend you get as detailed as possible with your Intentions, just like you should with your Vision Boards and things you're manifesting. 

Intentions for 2014

  • Perfect Health! Health has been a personal struggle with waves of ups and downs in my life. When I first went vegan, I was eating amazingly, got an allergy test, and was really convinced that I was invincible with my health. That mentality and action worked, I never ever got sick, even when I was surrounded by this horrible plague that washed over everyone else one holiday season. However, because I have also struggled with depression, my health takes a toll. Digestion doesn't work the way it should, nutrients aren't absorbed as well, and overall health can decline. I have had a lot of struggles with an under active stomach. However, before the new year even started I did a candida cleanse, a parasite cleanse, an overall cleanse, and have been taking HCL enzymes, multi-vitamins, and supplements to help. I feel like my health is back on the rise, and I am going to employ gratitude as part of my every day routine. My women's health has also been an area of trouble for me, ever since I went off the pill my hormones have been struggling to become balanced again. Our womanly cycles are such an important part of our lives so that is also an area that I am working on this new year, and have been already. I look forward to Perfect Health this year! 
  • Be the Best Me! I am always striving for self improvement, I am always striving to become the best and fullest version of myself. The older I get, the more comfortable I become with myself, and the more self-exploration and growth I do as I get older the more I become aware of my own personal wants, needs, desires, and dreams. Realizing all of these things helps you to live the life you're meant to live, to live fully, and to really shine. Part of my new year is taking back a bit of the fire that I feel I've lost. For a long time now I feel as if I know myself, and yet, despite this, have struggled to really step into that Self. This year, I'm taking back my fire, learning to be assertive, to stick up for myself and my dreams, and to become the best and truest version of myself! 
  • Balance! Balance is always an area I have struggled with. At times, I feel I have an obsessive personality; I could hermit for weeks on creative projects if I could. But that wouldn't be very good for my soul either. Balance is about finding what works for you to live your life fully and enjoy it to its fullest potential. For me, the introvert within needs the creative alone time, and I really thrive on this, but there are so many other sides to me and those sides need nurturing equally. Social time is important, and I love love spending quality time with family and friends that I care about. I also love meeting new people and making new friends. And, of course, there is finding a balance with work, as well as inner self, and health, and just about everything else in life. It's all about Balance. This year, I am really striving for balance in all areas of my life. And, overall, to just have more time to do the things I love. 
  • Adventures! Travel! I want lots of new and fun adventures this year! I want more road trips, more vacations, more hikes, more camping, more living! I intend to go back to Portland with my bestie; go to Seattle to visit a friend there I have been meaning to visit forever; road trips to Vancouver and Victoria; make a trip back to New York to visit my awesome friends there and go back to the Farm Sanctuaries; and hopefully go somewhere warm and out of the country as I still haven't done enough worldly travelling! I would also love to see some more concerts this year--I miss awesome metal shows.  
  • Great Relationships! I would love to work on some of my relationships that have been struggling, to get them back to a great place. I want to meet new like-minded people and make some new friends. 
  • Heal Old Wounds. There are a few issues from my past (both old and recent) that I would like to heal this year. I feel very blessed to recognize what these issues are so that I can make my life all the more amazing and free of past wounds, and grateful for the tools to heal such wounds. 
  • New Tattoos! Yes, this is most definitely on my list this year, I want and need more tattoos this year. I've come to realize that whenever I've gotten a tattoo it has been to recognize a moment of personal empowerment, and this year I'm all about personal empowerment. ;) Plus, I want to get a tattoo by my amazing friend, Dana! ^_^
  • Publish Everwake! I would really like to be in the beginning phases of publishing my manga/fantasy novel, Everwake. Much of my free time has been in the creativity of this project, and I am excited to do something with it. 
  • Blog Growth. This year is off to a good start, and I am very happy with the blog traffic. However, the video blog needs some more dedication, which is something I would like to work on this year. I would also love to see ReLove grow and grow and become the main part of my job. This is my dream. I love blogging, sharing inspiration, getting people motivated, and hopefully changing people's lives. 

Overall, I want to be living my perfect, happy, enriching, fun, blissful, dream life. And I know I can make it possible. I want my days to be filled to the brim with my loves and joys and passions. I hope that you, too, have the courage to follow your hearts and pursue your dreams! All the best for an amazing happy 2014!!!  

Much love and hugs! 

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