Tuesday, January 7, 2014

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{New Year Inspirational Kick-Off!}
 Kicking off this new year only feels right to be boasting with enthusiasm and inspirational to get things running all the more smoothly, so, I welcome you to the New Year Inspirational Kick-Off! The next several days will be dedicated to sharing fun projects and resources you can use to keep your own life bustling with gratitude and awesomeness.
New Year Positive Power! Huzzah!

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I can't think of a better way to start the New Year off than by doing 28 days of Gratitude practices. Yes, I'm talking about the book "The Magic" by Rhonda Byrne. This book is transformational! You can literally take a shitty, unmotivated life and bring it back to vibrancy and hope by following the practices of this book. I have done this book twice before, and am on Day 3 of it again now. 

So, what is The Magic? Why should you do it?

The Magic uses the most important principle of the Law of Attraction, GRATITUDE, and teaches you how to use it to make your life awesome. Essentially. The book has 28 days of Gratitude Practices (a new one for each day for the next 28 days) for you to follow to make your life magical again. Following the practices every day, without skipping a day, promises to change your life. Gratitude will make all of your dreams come true, it will set the Law of Attraction into motion, and it will teach you how to live your life full of thanks and appreciation to the people and things around you--and therefore, full of happiness, bliss, and wonderfulness. 
Gratitude is, quite possibly, the greatest tool in your possession to turn any situation, any life, any moment in time, to something better. It will make you see the beauty in your life that you've been missing due to a bad attitude; it will make you appreciate everything again and realize just how much you already have in your life to be grateful for. Gratitude can repair broken relationships. Gratitude can change your perspective and experience at work, at home, any place or any circumstance. Gratitude is the key to attract more great things into your life. If there is one thing your life requires to flourish, it is Gratitude. 
The Magic teaches you 28 ways to practice Gratitude, to use it every day, and to make your life amazing again. It is an instant mood-lifter. If you haven't done the Magic before, I highly recommend you pick yourself up a copy and start this now. There is no better way to stay motivated, to keep your mood high, or to lighten your heart with blissfulness than Gratitude and the practices in this book.  


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