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☺ 2013 in Review - and my Jar of Happiness ☺

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{New Year Inspirational Kick-Off!}
 Kicking off this new year only feels right to be boasting with enthusiasm and inspirational to get things running all the more smoothly, so, I welcome you to the New Year Inspirational Kick-Off! The next several days will be dedicated to sharing fun projects and resources you can use to keep your own life bustling with gratitude and awesomeness.
New Year Positive Power! Huzzah!
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The end of this year was a bumpy road. So bumpy that I couldn't wait to get 2013 done and over with… as if the whole year had been a disaster, merely because the last month or so had been particularly rough. 
Fast forward to today. I emptied my Jar of Happiness and now I can see what a wondrous, truly blessed, and fantastic year I actually had. So many fantastic memories were created, so many laughs and smiles were shared, so many beautiful moments experienced, and so many accomplishments made. Reviewing all the positives of this past year has renewed my outlook of that year and, therefore, given me an extra boost to my life in general; reminding me that life truly is beautiful and that I have so much to be thankful for. Truly truly. 
So, once again, if you didn't do the Happiness Jar last year, it is a Must for your New Year. I promise you will love it! 

In expressing gratitude, I thought it would be fun to share some of the highlights of my year :) 

2013 Gratitude Highlights!

Personal Highlights:

  • So many amazing Hikes, including my first of the year with my bestie up Pulpit which still makes me smile so widely! And the epic hike in the fog after Garlic Fest (which I do believe was also my last hike of the year).  
  •   Building our Garden from scratch. It was such a fun adventure and getting so many fresh organic veggies was simply the best! Getting the logs for the garden beds really stuck out as well, it was such a funny hippie moment that will always make me laugh. 
  • Doing yoga with my hubby
  • Ice skating at Kokanee park with Cory. 
  • Enjoying our new home in the summer time with our own space, lawn, and sharing the beach with our amazing landlords. The level of gratitude I feel for our home cannot be put into words. 
  • Playing "tag" with my landlord when I got her a present and then she sent me flowers with the words "tag". Heehee 
  • Listening to vinyl and drinking wine during the holidays last year with our landlords. 
  • Family Gatherings, potlucks, moments at the park, birthdays, holidays, and so forth. My family has often been a rough journey, but there were so many amazing moments I'd been forgetting lately--was very happy to be reminded of all I have to be grateful for from the year. 
  • Seeing family in general. :)
  • The first time I made my niece, Makaia, laugh for the first time. For some reason this memory really sticks out for me, it was a precious bonding moment. ^_^
  • Our good friends, Mike and Dana, visiting us for the first time! It was such a fun and amazing week with them and I cannot wait for more moments like this! Midnight swims, Sociables (shnaw, shnaw lol), Potluck, beach days, campfires, and bonding.
  • Roadtrips! Kelowna/Vernon trip, and Portland (twice) with my bestie. Sooo much fun and sooo much yummy vegan food! Gay Pride Parade, singing in the car, wandering, and the fun drive.
  • Getting tattooed in Portland. 
  • Getting my nose pierced (third one)
  • Catan board game nights. 
  • So many amazing Vegan Potlucks! 
  • Several ridiculous and fun birthday parties--two of which were dress up parties, including my birthday. Cuddle couch, bathroom vortex, and so many funny random moments. 
  • Skate park days in Kaslo, for May Days and Cory's birthday. 
  • A few fun bonfires.
  • Camping
  • Mushroom picking.
  • Canoe adventures across the lake with Cory.
  • Completing the David Suzuki 30x30 Challenge.
  • Our two kitties becoming cuddlier, especially Lyla who comes to constantly for cuddles and follows me around alllll day long and greets me at the door when I come home. ^_^
  • So many tea dates
  • Getting my cintiq!
  • Following my dreams and passions and diving into story writing and producing artwork. :) 
  • Having the courage, in general, to follow my heart and make my dreams come true. 

ReLove Accomplishments:

  • Reaching my 2k like milestone on the ReLove Facebook page! 
  • My artwork appearing in a newspaper in Switzerland.
  • Summer Markets!
  • Reaching 30,000 views on the blog for a single month!
  • All the positive and inspiring words from my amazing readers and viewers! xo
  • The Polar Bear adoption thanks to my amazing customers! 
  • ReLove continuing to grow every month :) 
  • Finally figuring out making some income off the Video Blog ;) 

I hope you all had an amazing year and start your own Jar Full of Happiness and take lots of photos to capture memories and moments :) 
So much love and wishing you all the best in 2014! xo


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