Monday, July 8, 2013

☺ Motivational Mondays! ☺

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We're taking back Mondays!!!
"Motivational Mondays" are fabulous tips to get you excited and pumped for the week! 
Feeling low? Moody? Down on life? Well, that's what these posts are for! Time to feel awesome again and get some Positivity rolling! Just because it's Monday doesn't mean you can't have fun, smile, and enjoy Today! Apply these tips to your week and try to tell me that you don't start to see an improvement in your life! ;)
It's all about You! Change your perception, change your attitude, love your life! xo

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Law of Attraction Tip: If you're having a hard time manifesting, focus less on the "what" (you're trying to manifest) and more on raising your vibration. Feeling good is the first and most important step. If you don't feel good then you won't be able to attract good things. Like attracts like!      
Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer. It's easy to get hot-tempered or irritated and lash out when we are attacked, or even feel attacked, or when someone is being not so nice towards us. Sometimes silence is the best answer. Why? Because there is no point in engaging in a fight with someone, because that only validates their behaviour and gives them the response that they were looking for-- those people are usually looking for a fight. The other reason silence is wise is because it gives you a chance to register, to think, and consider whether responding is a good idea and if it is how To respond appropriately. Take a breather, give yourself time to think; and if you still feel it's worth answering Then go do so but with a steady head on your shoulders.  
Be Yourself…  and don't care what others say behind your back (or to your face). Keep in mind that when people talk badly about you, it's usually because they are envious--so I know it sounds hard, but try to take it as a compliment, or at the very least remember that only miserable people choose to be mean to others. Stay confident in who you are and keep on loving yourself! Cuz you're awesome!!!     
Daily Gratitude Practice! (This tip is thanks to the lovely Sarah of Pretty You and Me Jewelry) Choose a friend and make it a new habit to exchange your 10 things your grateful for via text to eachother daily. If you don't text then do this by email, Facebook, etc. but be sure to do it daily! :)  
Move on to the Next Chapter!  It can be difficult to stay positive when you have a bad day, but just remember that one day day doesn't mean you have a bad life. Keep on moving and keep on smiling! Turn the page and start your next chapter.  
Share your wealth! Whatever that might be. For us, our garden has been bursting with lovely lovely greens, an abundance. We are so happy to be able to share the abundance with our friends and neighbours. Sharing is good for the soul, puts a smile on others' faces, and is good karma--because the more you focus on abundance, the more of an abundance you will have! So share the wealth, no matter how little or small!      
☺  "Have the courage to say no. Have the courage to face the truth. Do the right thing because it is right. These are the magic keys to living your life with integrity." ~W. Clement Stone  

Don't forget to Create a Nice Day! To keep smiling, laughing, and spending time on joy!
Much love from me to you! 


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